The Contrast

The Contrast
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pull Day Switch Up

I got a late start today because I've been feverishly writing this blog post and want to do it justice, so I laid in bed writing a lot longer than usual this morning. I hit a sticking point and knew I wasn't going to be finished anytime soon, so I hopped out of bed. Weight myself (202.5 again.) and Checked out my conditioning in the mirror before heading to workout.

Pardon the terrifying expression on my face.

Warm up: 15 min. of elliptical 

Weighted pull ups

These were solid. Better than last week. Felt good. I'll continue them next week and hopefully have them fairly clean. I might drop down to 35lbs and do 7 or 8 for 5 sets in a few weeks.

Bent Over Row

These actually felt too easy for me. But I'm going to start increasing the weight by 5lbs each week and get my 8 rep max up pretty high. 

Rack Pulls

Again, a little too easy. But I'm going to stick with these, increase the weight, maybe lower reps.

Face Pulls

A face only a mother could love.

These felt great. Way better range of motion and stronger reps, not as much swinging. Gonna either up weight or reps next week.


I'm glad I lowered the weight and upped the reps. Lots of clean reps, really felt the muscle working and no swinging. I'm gonna up the reps to 9 next week.

15 min. of stair master.

I listened to comedy bang bang with Amy poeler and Paul F. Tompkins acting like Alan Thick. I was cackling the whole time I was working out. Poehler is a fuckin improv genius. My favorite episode to date.

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