The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pull Day/Adventures in Having a Torn Up Hand.

Pull days (also fondly known as back and bicep days by the bros) seem to have a higher risk factor than most days. Why, you ask? Your hands.

The pulling motion required by rows, pulls and some variations on the bicep curl can literally pull the skin off of your hand. Yes, even when wearing gloves.

So, today, knowing that I had this minor injury, I took precautions and wrapped my hand.

I'm showing my enthusiasm for my torn up hands and underfed body.

Alright, lets get to the workout.

Warm up:
15 mins on the stair master...although, this was a pretty hard warm up.

Weighted pull ups
Body weight plus 40lbs hanging

I probably did a similar amount of kipping as I did last week with just 35lbs hanging. I consider this progress.

Bent over rows

Turn that frown upside down, Mister!

There were two dudes hogging the squat rack today, so I had to pull this sucker off of the floor. I got sloppy with it the second set and definitely pulled something in my trap. This may cause me to not do my deadlift workout tomorrow, but we will see. Food can do wonders overnight.


T bar

Bar curls

My second set I did 6 reps pretty clean, but I'm sure it caused my last three sets to feel as difficult as they did. I did full range of motion and didn't bend backwards to hoist it up, but I let out a couple of manly grunts to get the point across that what I was doing was difficult. 

Face pulls

The rope was being taken by some other people doing a curcuit workout (gag me), so I had to improvise with the handles that people use for chest flys. I didn't like it as much, and I was especially exhausted this morning, but I pushed through.

15 mins on the stairmaster:
Listened to more Comedy Bang Bang. It was a special pool party episode featuring Melissa Wompler and her family and friends. I started crying with laughter at one point.

My post workout feast included a Chipotle Burrito with double chicken and an Apple Fritter the size of my face.


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