The Contrast

The Contrast
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Gym Time

This is the first time I haven't had to wake up before 7am on a Saturday to get in my workout. And I'm not going to do My normal Saturday home pull up workout, a not so perfect replacement that got the job done. But today i get to go to the gym! Hanging around 203 today. Conditioning isn't too different. My body feels a bit sore and tired, but nothing that would keep me from lifting. I've got a solid two hours I can kill at the gym, I'm going to use every second of it.

Weighted Pull ups
45lbs + body weight
6th set body weight for 8

These felt heavy. Not super clean. I'm going reevaluate my next step. Maybe do 5x8 with 25lbs

Bent over rows

These felt a bit heavy, but they were legit and cleeeeaaan.

Rack Pulls

Upper back, y'all!!!!! Increasing weight!

Face Pulls

I was able to keep around 8 fairly clean, but I had to use momentum to get the last few. I think I'm going to do 160 for 8 next week.


These were cleeaaaan! Movin to 5x10 next week

Now for the weird stuff I did.

Incline pause Bench Press
3 sets 8-7-5

I let the bar sit on my chest for a full second, let it sink into the meat then push off hard.

1 set of squats
135 for a goofy 8 reps

Weighted cable crunches
150 til failure
About 43 reps

Captains chair knee raises

Why did I do all of the extra.
1.) I had the time and energy to do so
2.) I've effectively hit all of my muscles 3 times this week, something I'm considering doing from now on.
3.) more work means more calories later...

Today is 6 hours of late night tech work for Elmer Gantry at Tulsa Opera. The number 1 thing keeping me happy is that the crew BBQ is tonight! All the food! Gotta eat to grow! Yolo!!!!

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