The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The art of checking your self out.

I've always been a Showboat. Before it was my body, it was my voice. And I still am. I'm that baritone that will either option up or option down at the end of every song to sing the notes that nobody else can sing. People often confuse my showmanship for me trying to prove to everybody else that I can do things they can't, when really it's never about them, it's about doing it for myself and my own pride. It's purely selfish.

Here's a video of me when I was nearly at my heaviest singing the entire range of my voice. This video has more views than anything else on my channel.

Despite what people might think, I don't post pictures of myself without a shirt on to try to get chicks. I'm not really the kind of guy to always be chasing after hookups. I post pictures on here because I am immensely prideful. Those pictures are representations of the hard work that I have done to both lose weight and gain muscle. It wasn't just hard work, it was dedication, passion, and discipline that got me my results. I didn't take the pills, inject myself with anything, or have any surgery. Regardless of what others may think, I earned the right for myself to admire my work. That's why those pictures will always be for ol' Yeargain.

Now, here is why I believe checking yourself out is an important part of getting into better shape. 

Seeing is believing.

If you do not have any proof something is working, it more than likely isn't. If the scale numbers aren't going down, if your clothes aren't fitting looser or you are not seeing any kind of muscular development, your program is not working for you. 

Now, more than likely after one week of a program you have not developed any kind of serious muscle or lost any kind of serious weight. At most you may have lost 10 pounds, half of which will more than likely be water weight, A fourth of it might be fat, and the rest of it God knows what. However, having your muscles feel tighter, swollen and sore will give you the impression you are doing some good work. Take pride in this. I've read so many things about how to prevent yourself from being sore after working out, but when I first started out that was the thing that I loved the most. It made me feel powerful, it made me feel strong, it made me feel like I was actually working hard enough to produce results. This is of course a false correlation. You don't have to be sore from your workouts in order to be getting results, but my ignorant ass needed confirmation via The placebo effect. Don't be afraid of the placebo effect, it's a wonderful powerful tool that will yield you better results then the majority of intellectual training. Nothing breeds results more than results. If you see something is working, you will continue to do it (as long as it's sustainable) until you've reached your goal. If I didn't see the number on the scale go down or my lifts didn't increase, I would become depressed. Staying stagnant was and probably never will be an option for me. 

You probably can't tell much of a difference between the two, but Ol' Yeargain can.

Finding Your Confidence.

Losing a significant amount of weight will do wonders for your confidence and your own body image. Particularly whenever you compare yourself now to what you used to look like. And the fascinating thing is, whenever you've accomplished a giant weight loss, you start to believe that you are capable of anything. Early on this year I was not fat by any means, but my conditioning had not yet reached what it is now. However I did not know how far I was capable of going, so I continued aggressively, but still fell in love with the way my body looked then. I was running outside without my shirt on, bouncing around with 15% body fat, with a conditioning I would not even dare let anyone see me in now. But at that point I didn't know what I was capable of. I didn't know how much more I could accomplish, and I don't know how much more I can accomplish now, but I imagine I Will continue to surprise myself.

Love Yourself and Love Your Work.

Nobody will admire your work as much as you. Or as much as you allow yourself to. They may understand at a deeper level than most because they have experienced similar journeys, but nobody will know exactly what you went through more than you. You can literally look at your bicep and think of the millions of bicep curls you did to accomplish that peak, or look at your abs and think about all the cheeseburgers you didn't eat while you were cutting. Like the artist that paints a certain smile on a woman in the corner of his painting knows what she grins about, you will understand what the striations in your shoulders represent in your life.

The Human Body as a Work of Art.

Anybody with a tattoo can explain that the human body is a blank canvas. How you present it represents who you are as a person to the world. You can shave it, clean it, cover it with hair, ink or cloth, or build up the muscles underneath the tissue to give the form more size. The detail work required for forming your ideal body matches only the pointillism of Georges Suerat. Ask any body builder what their weak points are and they will explain every single one of their flaws in detail and give you a plan how they are going to fix it with weeks if not months of training. If you're a creative person, you will admire your unique detail work. If you're a hard worker you will admire the difficulty of the journey.

So post on, you selfie obsessed fools! Believe in your journey and admire your hard work. Go to the locker room after you've worked out. Take off your shirt and flex like you're in the finals of Mr. Olympia. Be not ashamed if your coworker catches you. They will be 'mirin your work too.

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