The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wendler Bench week 1 cycle 3/Push day

Warm Up: 15 miserable minutes on the elliptical. Played basketball last night for several hours, tanked my body and my stamina. I knew it was gonna be a tough day from the minute I started.

Bench Press

7 unassisted, 1 helped
DC 4-3

I hit the number I planned. I literally wrote this workout last night and put (At least 7 reps). This is part of my making sure I walk into the gym with a plan. 

Overhead Press

6, 7th one was almost a push press, but not nearly as cheated. I don't think I'll count it though.
DC 4-3

I wanted to hit 7, but it was not in the cards with clean reps. 

Incline Press
1x4 with a 5th assisted rep
1x3 with a 4th assisted

This damn exercise has become some kind of messed up mental game. I'm
Moving to dumbbells next week and I'm going to conquer those. Starting with 65lbs doing 5x5s with a last set till failure.

Body weight + 57.5lbs hanging

Gettin heavy! I think when I hit 65 I'll switch it up for something else. We'll see.

Skull Crushers

First set accidentally went to 12. Whoops. The rest of the reps were pretty clean, better than usual. I'm going to for 5x12 next time.

Chest flys
50lbs each hand.

Result: Pumpernickel bread.

Finished off the day with 15 mins on the stairmaster. Today I feast, tonight I nap extensively.

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