The Contrast

The Contrast
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wendler Bench Week 3 cycle 3/Push Day

My technology life is in shambles. Busted iPhone screen, MacBook Air charger not working, and last night I thought it would be hysterical if I threw away (accidentally) my phone charger at the Tulsa PAC. Past Kasey, you are one dumb son of a bitch.

I woke up a little heavier, 204, but looking average. Another cold morning, another long ass day ahead of me. Time to buckle down and do work, son.

Bench Press:

4 on last set
DC 3-2-1

Very Pleased with the 4 reps. I wanted at least 3 and the 4th was only a little struggle city. I could have pushed myself more in the DC, but I wanted to save some for overhead press.

Overhead Press

4 on last set
DC 3-2-1

These felt great. Again, very pleased with the 4 I got. Almost got a 5th, but I stalled out and didn't want to cheat. Pushed myself for the DC's. Hopefully I have something in the tank for the incline dumbbells. 

Incline dumbbell press
Last set to failure

Started off wonderfully, felt strong and controlled, and I got 7 on the last set. My chest is gettin stronger!!!!!

Body weight + 62.5lbs

Oooooo, gettin heavy.

Skull Crushers

I'm liking the heavier weight. I'm trying a new style of skull crusher where I push from behind the head. I'm liking it so far. These were very manageable, and a little easy. I can't wait to up the intensity next session with more reps.

Chest flys

Easy Money! I'll go for 9 next time.

Weighted ab crunches
Last set till burn out.

Fuck it!

1 set of 8 pause rep wide grip pull ups

1 set of squats
10 reps

Status report indicates: Pumped

15 min on stairmaster

1st dress tech with orchestra tonight. Should be a bloodbath.

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