The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wendler Bench/OHP/Push Day Week 3/Cycle 2

Bench Press

5 on third set.
DC 4-3-2

The good news is that I am getting stronger. The bad news is that I'm impatient, but that's not really news.

Overhead Press 

4 on third set.
DC 3-2

I had two fighting sets with those DCs. Like, full on standing there in a half rep position huffing and puffing. I'm literally learning from this movement how to be stronger while getting stronger. Not giving up has become a staple for this part of the week.

Incline Bench

Failure. This is a classic case of poor programming on my end. Whenever you're pushing really heavy weight in your big lifts, you can't expect to all of a sudden continue to grow in your supplement lifts when you've just drained your central nervous system dry. I'll resume these again next week and push myself to get the reps I want.

Body Weight + 55lbs

Crushed them. I'm the dip master. I was however, unable to do 6 on the last set like I try to do. Contribute it to being drained or whatever, but I got the reps I wanted.

Skull Crushers

These were clean. Next week I'm doing 5x11

Cable flys
50 per hand

These are a good supplementary exercise if you got time to kill. They will get you that chest pump that you want, and I enjoy them cuz I feel like wolverine when I cross my hands in front of me.

15 min on the stair master watchin YouTube videos and sweatin miserably. I got to eat a lot of food and brush up on some music before rehearsal tonight in Tulsa.

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