The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wendler Cycle 2 week 1 Squats/Legs

It appears my programming with my diet combined with training is causing me to lose weight. Not anything significant like getting to 194 during Street Scene, but my numbers are showing a downward slope. I generally weight anything between 201 and 206 during the week, but the number I hang around at has lowered every week. At first it was 205, then 204, then 203, and today I'm chillin around 202. I'm sure I'll be bigger later on in the week, but I find the numbers interesting. I'm definitely eating in a surplus, but I'm intermittent fasting and getting in lots of cardio. I may try to keep this up until it stalls, and then either create more of a deficit in my calories or boost them to get more strength gains. I dunno, I'm very fickle.

Warm up: 15 min of Arc Trainer

Back Squats
At least 6 reps
+ DC 3-1

That depth ain't fantastic, but its at least parallel.

I'm trying to trust the process in this periodization of squats. This is my weakest lift in technique, stamina and strength and the most I have to gain. 

Front Squats

This movement is honestly growing the most. I feel more confident about my depth, technique and ability to grind out reps safely with the front squat. Look how long those damn legs's like I'm a goddamned spider.

Glute Thrusts

All I gotta say is: My ass hurts.

Glute/Ham raises
Body Weight

I'm terrible at these, and honestly I'm doing so poorly at them I'm not sure they are even working. More research required.

Calf Raises
8 plates + 30lbs

Weighted ab crunches

I was listening to The Rakes Progress the whole workout. This opera is awesome, and I'll be performing Nick Shadow in a Coaching Project Production in May. I'll post more about it when it gets closer to the date.

15 min arc Trainer listening to more Rakes Progress and planning out my foods for the day. Burger and fries, yo.


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