The Contrast

The Contrast
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Wendler Cycle 2 Week 2 Bench/Push Day

Bench Press:

Last set for 7 reps
DC for 4-3-3

If you look back at my training log, you'll notice I actually dogged on the last set of the wendler and only got 7 instead of 8. This is why I think this happened: I didn't look at my previous log before doing the set, so I didn't have a number in my mind to beat (mistake). The last set I did fairly well, some aggressive pushing, but I could have had one more really hard rep. In fact, I should have, but I didn't think about it. Secondly, last night I played about an hour and a half of basketball and I was low carbing yesterday (I ate less than 50g) so I was more than a little drained. That being said, my DC numbers were better. Regardless, this was a lesson. I'll be paying more attention in the future.

Overhead Press:
Last Set for 5
DC for 3-3-3

I conquered that last DC set like Atlas. I rocked it. I'm really learning how to stick with a difficult rep and pushing through it.

Incline bench

I pushed, squirmed and fought, and I got every single rep. Strength gains, y'all. I am literally watching my progress. I'll hit this again next push day, then maybe up the weights.

Body weight + 52.5

Dip Master. Nuff said. These are getting to be really good.

Skull Crushers

I'm glad I decided to drop the weight for this exercise. I got 12 fairly clean reps each time, I didn't get the elbow pops and I still got my mad pump.

I had extra time on the clock and a means to do so, plus I didn't do any weighted crunches on my off day, so I played catch up.

Rope tricep extensions

Super set with..

Weighted crunches.

Interesting superset to say the least, but I crushed them. The result: Pump Town.

15 Mins of Stair Master.
I watched Jason Blaha's Monday Q&A on Youtube whilst sloppy crawling up the stairs to nowhere. Jason Blaha is one of my favorite youtube fitness informational sources. He's highly inteligent, very well educated, and strong as a god damn ox. Check out his channel at JuggernautFitnessTV.

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