The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wendler Week 1 cycle 2 Bench/Push

Bench press
8 reps on final set

Overhead press:
8 reps on final set

Incline bench
2 sets 165
1-4 reps with 1 pause rep, 1 3 reps with 1 pause rep

3 sets of 5 with 160lbs

I consider this progress, not because of the shitty first two sets, but because how easy 160 felt this week compared to last. I'll do 5 sets of clean 160 before I move on again.

Weighted Dips
Body weight + 50lbs hanging
4x5 + 1 set of 6

I am literally becoming the master of the weighted dip. I am looking forward to seeing where I stall out, because frankly these have been feeling really easy and I'm getting all kinds of 'mirin from people at the gym with these.

Decline Bench skull crushers

The first set I went to 12 easy, so I decided that was the number. What followed was 4 more sets of pause reps and cheat reps to get the last 4 out of every set. I'm going to readjust this in the future, either doing a strict set of 10 or up the weight and make it 8 reps for 5. We will see. Again, my pump was unreal.

Stair master burned 256 calories in 15 minutes.

I didn't listen to a thing the whole workout. I've just been planning and thinking. I'm in the midst of starting a business and it's extremely exciting. Looking forward to sharing more with you guys later.

Tonight's Feast: BBQ for Alan's birthday.


  1. So I did a quick google search for Wendler. Is this the wendler 5/3/1 program?

    1. Technically I'm not following a strict Wendler Program. I like to have more frequency in my training, and I like to do Heavy back training (weighted pull ups). I'm using the 5-3-1 parameters in my big lifts and seeing how they affect my strength.