The Contrast

The Contrast
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Wendler week 1 cycle 4/Push bench

I don't think that my body even wants 8 hours of sleep anymore. I'm wide awake after 7, beating my alarm. Had myself some damn good food yesterday and woke up a lb heavier: 203.7. This is going to work well for today's workout. I love bench day.

I got my superman shirt on today, lots of carbs in my system and I'm ready to lift.

Warm up: 15 min on elliptical

Bench press

I got 7 on the last set. Which was what I was aiming for. It felt great.
DC 5-3-3

A bit of a grinder on the first DC and I was pushin hard for a 3rd rep on the final DC. Great set. Progress.

Overhead press

I got my final 6. Felt good. Thought about going for a 7 but thought better.
DC 5-3-3
1st DC was struggle bus on the 5th rep. That last rep of DC was straight up Superman.

Incline Dumbbell

Jumping up 10lbs every week is hard y'all. It's one of the limitations of using dumbbells. The other downside is it's difficulty getting it above your face when the weight is heavy. That being said, I got the 5x5s. Felt hard, but I got them. I'm debating about what to do next. I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete a full 5x5 with 80's...but I'm going to try. Why not?


These felt heavy from the start. First set heavy is never good. 2nd set felt better. 3rd set hard. 4th set better. 5th set was solid. I'm going to be doing 5x6 with just 45lbs next time, slowly moving that up until I hit it again with this weight. Maybe take less rest time.

Skull crushers

Felt Great, moving onto 5x10.

Extra shit:

Weighted ab crunches

Super set 1st 3 sets

Captains chair leg raise

Pull ups
Body weight pause reps for 11

135 for 13 reps

What a damn good workout that yielded some amazing results and some great PRs. I'm immensely pleased. Also: Pumptober fest.

15 min on the stair master

Tonight is opening night of Elmer Gantry at Tulsa Opera. If you're in the area, be sure to check it out and say cheer for the giant Chrisopher Reeves looking fellow during the bows.

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