The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wendler week 2 Squats/Legs

Warm up:
15 on the arc trainer.

Back squats

I was able to get 6 good reps on the Final set, which I then followed up with some DC and squeezed out a set of 3 and a set of 1.

Followed by more squats:
I don't recommend this to most people, but I nearly went to failure on the last set. Wasn't intentional, but shit happens.

Glute Raises:

Calf Raises
8 plates

I actually believe this exercise is a waste of time, but I do them anyway. You might as well try and do something to make them calves grow.

Then I decided to do my weighted ab exercises that I was unable to do yesterday.

Hanging Knee Raises
Body weight

Weighted cable crunch

15 more minutes on The Arc Trainer.
Listened to Comedy Bang Bang featuring Rob Cordrey and Paul F. Tompkins.


Highlight of today's training day feasting: Peanut Butter, honey and cookie sandwich. I got one of those chocolate chip cookies from Panera Bread and put it in my pb honey sandwich. It was swag.

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