The Contrast

The Contrast
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Wendler Week 3 Bench/Overhead Press/Push Day

Warm up:
15 min on the elliptical

Bench Press:
I got 5 good reps on the last set and went to failure on the 6th. I applied DC and did one more set for 2 clean and an assisted rep.

Overhead Press:
I got 5 good reps on the last set. Applied DC and got 3 more. Did DC again and got 3 more. This bewildered me, so I decided to save some for incline.

Incline bench Press:

Not gonna lie to you, on the 4th set, I had to have the bar pulled off of me on the 5th rep. And on the 5th set I had a spotter help me get the last rep. No shame. I pushed myself.

Weighted Dips:
Body weight plus 47.5lbs hanging

I dominated these. I was a low dipping flying squirrel today.

Skull Crushers on the decline bench:

I definitely had numerous cheat reps on the last couple of sets, but my pump was insanity afterwards.

I forgot to pack any food, so today was an especially fasted training day. Oh well, I'll just have to double feast tonight.

I ended my shift at the YMCA with 15 minutes on the stair. I watched one of my favorite YouTube personalities, Chris Jones in his third episode of The Return of Lean Jones.


I've been a cheeseburger fiend the past few weeks, I'm eatin them every other day...but I ain't mad about it.

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