The Contrast

The Contrast
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wendler Week 3 Squats/Legs

Today was the first day that I woke up and actually felt somewhat normal since my illness last week. And it was reflected in my weight. 203. I finally feel back on track physically and mentally and I'm ready to conquer the mother of all exercises, The Squat!

Back Squats:
3 reps on the last set.
+ DC

Front Squats:

These were tough, I griped, squirmed and growled, but I nailed them. Good depth too if I do say so myself. 

Glute Thrusts:

I'm really starting to see the benefits of this^ exercise. I could really feel it in my ass. Hahaha

Glute Ham Raises:
Body weight

These were new to me, so I'm not sure I did them very well, but they were a good exercise.

Calf Raises:
8 plates + 20lbs

I'm about ready to stop fucking around with this nonsense. It takes forever to load up this much weight on the machine just to barely get a pump in two itty bitty muscles that I don't frankly care about growing. I'm gonna do some more research and come back to this. I'm tired of floppin around 45lb weights just to get back pain and no results.

I finished off with 15 min on the arc trainer on level18. I was doggin it today, though. The legs were tanked. But I had some good laughs and listened to Comedy Bang Bang.

Post workout nutrition:

Homemade chicken and salmon stir fry. Good shit. Packed with protein, carbs and "healthy" fats. I got really tired of just eating plain ass chicken and this is my solution. It's going to be a regular rotation in my daily diet.

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