The Contrast

The Contrast
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why I write...

As some of you have probably figured out, I get a little carried away.

I started writing some time ago, even before I started the blog. Often times writing notes after notes on my iPhone. (I have very nervous, busy hands.) I don't write only about fitness and life experiences, but I do feel like I have some unique experiences, success and knowledge in the area to be successful at it.

Why do you write so much?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who had noticed my blog. I remarked "Ah, yes, my latest obsession." She replied "You don't have hobbies, you have OBSESSIONS!" Truer words have never been spoken.

Frankly, the crap that goes on this blog is constantly buzzing through my head, but its way less organized. Putting it on paper (internet paper?) helps me organize my theories, ideas and plans and keep my head quiet at night when I'm trying to sleep.

I don't write because I think people will read, although I've really enjoyed that people have been reading, and I would be lying if I haven't deliberately written based on the statistics of hot topic titles to incite readers. Writing has just become another one of my practices in discipline. It's something I've really grown to love, and it's a skill that I'm developing with deliberate practice.

However, most people don't see that I post my daily workouts on the blog and I have a Facebook page, YouTube account, Twitter and Instagram (@TheOperaBro) (#shamelessplug) with regular updates about my career, training and diet. I don't advertise it as often because right now I'm trying to get a fairly strong base of articles and research (My focus shifts often) but it's all part of my future branding.

The Primary Reason I Write.

I get questions all the time. I absolutely love it. Call it getting attention from people or whatever, but whenever people ask for help and I feel like I can be useful, I will gladly offer my services. I found myself repeating myself a lot with messages, which I don't mind, but I was also saying several different versions of the same thing, sometimes more confusing than others. I found that writing it out in a complete manner helped me feel confident in what I knew was true not only based on textual facts, but also practiced with self experimentation, and when I discovered an inconsistency with my thinking, I could easily research it. Now I have things that I can directly point to when questions come my way. This blog is another tool amongst the bag of tools that is the internet.

Secondary Reason I Write.

Leaving a legacy has always been important to me. I don't mean a following, a religion or fans, I mean something that represented who I was so that people who knew me or will come to know me will be able to look back and reminisce. This blog is nothing if not pure unadulterated Ol' Yeargain. For crying out loud, I speak so freely on this page that it's almost silly considering the potential backlash if I should ever step out of line. However, I don't write to be politically correct, and I don't get paid to write, so my thoughts are mine and mine alone. I am careful, and I don't plan on defaming anyone or being a cold hearted bastard because that's not who I am in real life. If I ever am intentionally thoughtless, I pray that someone will call me out on it so that I can apologize for my errors. 

I will write on this page until my fingers fall off...or until I get too busy to manage such a silly habit. However, I have ample time to write lengthy posts, full of self created memes, selfies and YouTube videos, and I hope I can at least make a few of you smile, give you some insight, and inspire you in some small way.

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