The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Superiority Complex

Another poem. This one was kind of filled with spite. I've been having a lot of aggression lately. I think I'm just getting ready for something different, and I'm ready to take the next step with my research and findings with this blog, and I'm currently in a holding pattern. That fucking waiting game. I feel like I can do so much, but there are so many loop holes that you have to jump through to start making this a part of your living. Don't get me wrong, I've been falling in love with helping people who have asked me for it, and those who have found help from my random writings, but it's in my nature to always want more.

Naturally, I've been displacing my frustrations against the fools that sell our society trash under the guise of quick fixes when it comes to fitness and diet. The way people place these "gurus" on pedestals. Do you even Science, brah? I've done this and I still do this. I watch lectures and read articles from well known researchers in the field, and I often find myself agreeing with it without my own investigations. So, you can say that this is partly a shout at my subconscious...If you happen to give a fuck.

I think this is also an extension of me lashing out at authority. Something I continue to have trouble with. I love my mentors and I love that people have mentors, but there are many people or systems that are in place that demand authority, and that I can't respect. Assume away what you think I'm talking about. You'd be wrong.

I nearly titled this poem "Fuck Your Food" and if I ever did perform it, I think that's what I'll say in the microphone right after I take a long draw out of a cigarette.

Superiority Complex

Why should I think I'm better than you? Because you deem it so. You shout those praises and elevate my status. Prophet, preacher, teacher, oh mighty OZ, you look to that floating head without seeking answers behind curtains. You allow ego to inflate and god like complexions to descend on pea-cocked shoulders.

Would you strike a wise man if he spoke knowingly untruths to gain from you? His title was assigned to him by men, not Gods. His ignorance and Bias is the mirror image of yours.

Why do the nations so furiously rage together? Staking claim on lands and borders, finding God and religion in their insignificant daily practices. Holding swords and shaking shields in mockery to the other camps. Like the ignorant armies clashing on Dover Beach, their battlefield the pinnacle of our first amendment, The information super highway. 

Heal yourselves! Say no! Take your truth from those terraced mouths of wolves and venomed fangs of snakes. Need you brothers and sisters of like minded coincidence to find sanity and satiety on your plate? Must your zealous for Health and personal growth turn you into a zealot? Your sound bites sounding off like a child's pull string doll, the maddening repititon of mindless unresearched opinion.

Before you were trapped by your form, a prisoner in your own vessel. Now you seek chains and slavery in the doctrine of diet. You have traded in one master for another. You seek extremes, proclaiming your uniqueness and necessity, but then seek campanions and armies in your arms race. Stubborn ass, have you not enough hatred for yourself that you must hate others?? Misery loves company.

To hell, you misered companions! Wave your banners! I'll trudge the lonesome path of truth, stopping, sharing and obtaining teachings in the free market commerce. My belly full of both the labeled good and bad feasts, the enemies of your palate will be my spoils.

Full body 3


ooooo, puff daddy. Holding all the water. Still light, though? Weird.

Warm up: 15 min on elliptical

Incline bench press

This is a new PR for me. It felt great, too. I could have done 170 for this rep scheme...which I will do next time.

Weighted Chins

This felt damn good. Easy Money

Front Squats

Hard as hell. First time back doing squats. Leg's hurt, lower back hurt. I'm tired and drained from this shit.

Skull crushers

Bicep Curls

Face Pulls

Leg curls? Fuck Leg Curls. Leg Curls

Elliptical for 15 min.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pull Day


warm up: Arctrainer for 15min

Pull Ups

Chin Ups
Body Weight

Upright Row


Bicep Curls

Decline Bench
200lbs x 8

Arc trainer for 15min

Diet is Everything

Diet trumps training every day of the week. You can lift every weight in the gym, run an hour a day, and if you're diet isn't on point, you are wasting your time. 

I see this every day at the gym. People come in looking the exact same week after week, month after month. And they aren't just sittin on their thumbs, they are working hard. Harder than I am at times. But, I know that when they get home they aren't watching what they eat, because their form stays the exact same. Not better, not worse, literally no progress. That's my definition of hell.

If you're looking to change your body and lose or gain a lot of weight, diet is the most important change you will have to make.

Work Ethic V.S. Discipline

I believe that lazy people are not as common as people think. I know most people to have a pretty damn decent work ethic in one way or another. It takes just as much mental focus to play Diablo for 13 hours as it does to work most desk jobs. However, one is deemed lazy because of the monetary value we place on the other. I'm not ready to call anybody lazy just because they don't want to apply themselves in the gym like I do. That's called being a judgmental bastard.

No, I believe the majority of people contain the bear minimum amount of work ethic required to make an immense amount of progress in the gym and their physiques. Where people fail is in practical application of basic training protocol that is scientifically proven to yield results and a complete lack of discipline when it comes to diet.

Yet again, I'm not saying you need to stop eating things that are delicious and eat "Clean." Fuck Clean Foods. However, you gotta know what your limits are. It's obvious that you can't eat a whole fuckin pizza with ranch poured all over it, but you could just as easily be busting up your daily fat intake by eating one too many walnuts on your salad, especially if you had that scoop of almond butter at breakfast. I'm not trying to scare you or make you have food issues, but I am giving you cold hard facts. If you want to lose weight, you need to be just the least bit obsessive. This means knowing what the nutritional facts of your foods are, how much of it you are consuming, and how much of it you should consume to meet your physique goals. Don't jump on the Gluten is bad and will kill me band wagon or start convulsing at the thought of carbs entering your blood stream. Don't join a fad diet that you saw give someone else great results, do something that you know scientifically will WORK and you can manage with calculable data. Calorie counting sucks, it's inconvenient, and it ruins meals knowing how many calories are in your favorite pasta dish. However, you're going to have a hell of a time losing weight if you're clueless to how much you're truly eating.

The same thing goes for people (mostly dudes) trying to put on muscle. They workout really hard, but then when it comes time to put the effort into the kitchen and onto the plate, they falter. They either don't eat enough and make ZERO progress, or they eat too much and put on way too much fat to even notice they are making gains in the gym.

People who attempt to have success in physique based career paths will always falter in the one area it matters: What they put into their mouths.  The basic science of Body building is maintaining as much muscle while losing as much fat off of their body as possible. They do this by slowly dieting, cutting carbs, and increasing cardio. They do all of their hard gym work in the off season when they have more food to sling around, but when it comes time to be stage ready, their work is done in the kitchen. Other than steroids and having great genetics, body builders aren't doing anything we're not capable of to lose weight. Some of them will go to extremes and cut sodium and water, dwindling down their carbs to nothing, but us normal folk don't have to tan and oil up our bodies so we can wear the tiniest drawers possible and show how shredded our glutes are. Body builders will go through their off season implementing their own training styles, but when it get's time to be serious about their competitions, they bring in a coach to watch their body composition and weight and help them acquire their peak conditioning for their shows. Why is this? Because you can get a lot of great results with different styles of training methods, but diet is fuckin hard to get perfect.

For us normal folk? We don't need perfect, we can get a lot of fantastic results from pretty good, but it still takes a lot of discipline to achieve pretty good.

There is a saying: "You can't out run your fork." I also like "You gotta eat to grow." But these sayings really simplify a rather complicated series of issues. Most of them being not eating when your body is starving or force feeding yourself well into the point of being bloated, full, and gassy. This is where discipline comes in. Dieting doesn't and shouldn't be miserable 100% of the time, even if you're preparing for a photo shoot or a competition. However, to be able to get past those moments of discomfort that are inevitable, you will require a samurai like conviction. Ignoring your bodies cues so that you can attain the physical goals and transformations you desire. Dip your hands into the hot coals, young student, but don't leave them there.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Wendler Cycle 6 week 3/Bench


Look smaaalllllrrrr

Flat Bench

I got 2
DC 1-1

Overhead Press

At Least 3
DC 2-2

Incline Dumbbell Bench
80lbs x 5 x 2
70lbs x 5 x 3


Skull Crushers

Chest Flys

15 x 10 

I kicked this workouts ass. 100% destruction. New PR's at new weight. Feeling great. Fuck yeah.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do Something Stupid

One thing I cannot stand is cowardice. As a person that spent a great deal of his life in fear of many a thing, I cannot tolerate it's presence in my life any longer.

I'm much more understanding of fear that you've come to acquire from experience. We can't help the events or situations in our paths that shape us psychologically. The mind is a weird and powerful tool and fate is ugly. However, fear that is instilled in you by others disgusts me. 

Training and singing are fraught with this kind of stuff. Teachers and trainers love to make people so afraid of exercises, repertoire and technique. It's like they get off on it. They prop their hypothesis up with all of these sound bites that are easily digestible, memorable, and repeatable. It's like they are politicians trying to secure your vote.

To anybody that says they can't:

Have you even tried????!?

Although I don't like cross fit and honestly feel like it's kind of a cult and not an optimal way to build muscle and strength, I'm not gonna dog on it on this blog. Why? I've never tried it. I've read a whole bunch of crap about it and heard testimonies about how great it is and I've heard enough YouTube rants about how terrible it is to formulate an opinion, but I'm not going to completely dog on something until I at least try it. I have the same philosophy with food.

This is my issue with most authorities. They speak and talk about subjects very aggressively with which their experience is limited to what they have read on paper. Research and experimentation go hand in hand, my friends. One without the other makes hypothesis, not scientific fact.

Just because someone is an authority doesn't mean they are correct all the time. Experts are wrong every day. That's part of being a scientist, proving your points one year just to refute them the next.

Sometimes you just gotta be stupid and do the damn thing.

Are something's not worth the risk? I've heard Russian roulette gives you a high you'll never feel anywhere else. Never gonna do it though! But there are things that people will write off just because of stigma and indoctrinated bull shit.


Do you even sing?!?!?

I have this video on the internet from when I was a bigger dude.

In this video I sing from a Low C 2 to a tenor High C 5. I made this video like 3 years ago and I still get comments asking "How do you do that?" "Did your teacher teach you that?" My teacher taught me a great deal of things, but he did not teach me how to do this. This came from always trying to sing both of these notes constantly when I was developing my voice. In choir, I always wanted to be the low bass, and in my car I always wanted to sing the high C in Che Gelida Manina. Would I sing so hard and aggressively that I couldn't sing the rest of my repertoire for the rest of the day? You bet your ass I did, but I figured out a way of doing this from practice, research, and experimentation.

So many people say they can't sing high notes. Have you even tried? How many ways have you experimented with mouth position, tongue placement, breath support, more breath, less breath, feet placement, physical cues. Have you seen how messed up and stupid looking some of the greats looked when they sang their brilliant high notes? Half of them look like damned fools, but they sing like gods. Sometimes you have to go outside of the frameworks your teacher has set for you. You have to trust that you're a capable and smart person and know that nobody knows your instrument better than you (sensations and feelings are all you have on stage. Your voice teacher won't be there.)

Make whatever judgments you will on my voice and technique, you will regardless, but a cowardly singer I am not. The minute I let fear dictate how I sang is when everything fell apart. But that is a year I will never relive vocally. I don't care if I crack, go sharp, or make the biggest ugliest noise you have ever heard. Even if it's terrible, I'll learn from it.

Another story:

When I first started singing I was considered a bass-baritone by everyone (some people still think this.) Friends, teachers, other students. However, whenever I started discovering an easier transition into my high voice, it was becoming clear to me that I was much more of a baritone. My teacher and I experimented with a few arias, but I was having difficulty with the repertoire and I wasn't sure of it. The semester ended and we breaked for summer. That summer I didn't have one voice lesson. I listened to Sherrill Milnes and Leonard Warren sing Verdi arias and Robert Goulet sing classic standards while singing along. I delivered food and sang all day in my car along with these great voices, singing high notes I never thought I'd be capable of singing. G's, Aflats, A naturals, B flats, B naturals, C naturals! I came back to school the next semester and my voice had doubled in size, my range had increased and all of a sudden a great deal of repertoire was open to me. Was my voice still a mess? Oh, God yes! I had developed a horrible hook, I couldn't sing a closed vowel to save my life, and my primo passaggio was a travesty. However, I took leaps forward through the comfort of these crutches that I had discovered. (Plus, I can still do the most fuckin awesome hook that people love to hear in Italian verismo. Or at least I do. Nothing like it.)

The point is this. I would not have progressed so much vocally during that summer had I not decided to stretch myself by doing the verdi repertoire un supervised. I wasn't going to learn how to sing high notes by jumbling through papageno's arias or even something more lyrical like bella siccomo un angelo. I needed something heavy hitting so I could really dig deep and find the meat in my gut.

Someone once said to me that "you don't learn how to sing high notes by singing high notes."....Uh, yes you do. I have a high C, I didn't learn how to do that by NOT singing high C's.

I understand trusting and loving your teacher. I trust and love my teacher with every fiber of my being, but I'm not going to let that keep me from trying new things and stretching myself artistically and vocally.

Intermittent fasting:

Do you even fast, bro?!

People have been preaching the doctrine of "don't eat after 7pm!" for god damn ages. I'm sure Mary made sure Jesus put down that slice of matzoh bread if the sun dial read past 6:45, and I'm sure he agreed with no back talk because that Jesus is a good kid. However, the minute you skip breakfast people are lining up to nail you to the crucifix. (This was a bad series of religion jokes. My apologies.)

Now, am I saying that intermittent fasting is the only way to get super shredded and build vast amounts of muscle on your frame. Fuck No!!! I'm saying it's a tool that has had studies correlating benefits to eating less frequently including this study on rats (which if you're going to write off studies in rats [which I'm usually inclined to do] you better write off all of these advancements.) Is it for everyone? No, but for the average fairly active healthy American, you may find some amazing results. I have, and so have hundreds of other people looking to lose weight or to gain muscle with limited fat acquired along the way.

Don't be afraid of trying something that could be potentially beneficial towards your goals. Especially if there is little risk involved. What's the worst that could happen if you skipped breakfast for a couple of weeks? You'll be hungry and irritable? Aren't you already hungry and irritable from being on a diet? I'm being ridiculous, but so are people who think intermittent fasting is "irresponsible." If you don't see any progress and you hate it, don't do it. But, if you write it off automatically because of something someone else said or old research, then you're really not thinking for yourself.


I'm being dead serious with this one..

Do you even fuckin lift?!?!?

Most dudes aren't afraid to lift, and even if they were, our societal pressures automatically market them to be a stereotype in other ways. They could easily go to the gym tomorrow, crawl underneath a bar and people wouldn't think much of it as far as it being a strange sight. 

However, when a woman enters the free weight side of the gym and does more than 20 reps of tricep kick backs on each arm with 5lb weights, people stare. 

Bros be like:

Bitches be like:

Old dudes be like:

Even when people are being positive, it's still creating a different kind of stigma. This is one of the beauties of cross fit, they have opened up a world of lifting to thousands of women who now feel strong and empowered by the fact that they can now do much more than they ever thought they could. That's not only called being progressive, it's also called a fantastic business model (let that one sink in.)

This stigma of women becoming men because they lift weights, who is benefiting from this bull shit sermon?

I know I'll be beating this horse to death for the rest of my life, but dammit I will be heard. Women don't have the testosterone to get really big and bulky. If you see a woman who is big and bulky she is either injecting testosterone into her body or she is a genetic outlier. More than likely she is doing drugs though.

I've shared this article dozens of times with women who ask me about weight lifting, but I'll also share this girls Youtube Channel and This Picture and be finished with my soap box for today.

Don't let cowardice rule your choices. In other words...

Do something stupid.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wendler Cycle 5 week 2/Squats...I mean full upper body...


Back Squats

At least 5 or 6

Front Squats

Stiff Legged Deadlifts

Glute Thrusts

Knee raises

Stuff wasn't feeling right from the first warm up set. My back was aching, my legs felt stiff. I did some stretching, some basic mobility work. Foam rolled a few things and continued to warm up thinking it would go away. I did my first working set of 185 for 3 and shooting pains all through my legs and back. I was very close to just pushing forward and getting it done, but I knew that I wasn't going to be doing myself any favors doing that. So, I called an audible and I changed it up.

Pull Ups
body weight

Decline Bench Press

Tricep Pushdown

70lbs x 50

Side Lateral Raises
25lbs per hand

Pause Face Pulls

Seated Incline Bicep Curls
30lbs per hand

Close grip pull ups
1 set of 8

I don't really know what to think about this day. Injuries happen, not sure how I could have avoided it, I didn't even know I was this in rough of shape when I started the day out. But, the lower back felt bad from the first warm up set, so I had to change it. Luckily tomorrow is a rest day, so I'll have time to recover before I attempt squatting again. I'll need it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Your Motivation Sucks

"What's your motivation?"


"What makes you so driven?"

These are titles you've assigned to me. I don't sit back and think to myself "I'm so dedicated and motivated. I'm a gad dang champion of self control and making myself do stuff I don't wanna do."

This is the way I've done things all my life. I either want to do it or not. There is no middle ground. The things I want to do I will do to the point of obsession and addiction. The things I don't want to do will never be done. I'm just now getting to the point in my adult life where I am doing things I don't want to do.

Let's lay it out on the table. I can't make you want anything. I can't make you eat "cleaner", eat less, work harder in the gym, or even make you go to the gym. If you paid me to come wake you up, dress you in your workout clothes, drive you to the gym and then make you do all the correct exercises, you still would not make progress because it wasn't something you wanted. How sustainable is it to be a puppet of someone's craftsmanship? You'll be pleased with the initial results, but once the partnership is broken, where is your "motivation?" How many high school football athletes stay in the shape they were in while they were in high school? The percentage is low, because they trained to remain on the team, not because they wanted to be in that peak physical condition. Only those who wanted that specific goal and wanted to pursue the sport past high school remained committed.

People who jump the train.

For those of you who start out strong and eventually quit, or start a diet and then binge and give up: I would argue that you never really wanted it in the first place. I'm not going to call you names but I'm not going to say it's okay either. I'm truly apathetic about the situation. You let a moment take you away from a journey. Is the journey worth giving away moments? Maybe not, and in a lot of cases, definitely not. But that's not for me to decide, it's your life. To me, moments aren't worth the journey I have set myself on.

How do I get started? I just need to something to motivate me to get started.

You want me to sell you motivation? You don't need me to, you can buy it already. It's called pre workout supplements. It will get you so jacked and jazzed up that you won't have any choice but to go wreck shop at the gym. Otherwise you'll feel like you're high on crack sitting, Heart racing watching cops on T.V.

Does anybody else think this stuff looks scary??

I get it. Some days are harder than others. I understand this. I REALLY REALLY do. But I don't care. Your goals don't care. Your goals aren't conscious beings that you can explain that you're not feeling it today, you've got lots to do, you just didn't have time. Goals don't care, goals don't have ears for your excuses to pass through. And again, I don't care about your excuses, and I don't care if you don't achieve your goals, but I will do everything EVERYTHING within my power to help you achieve them. I will give you as much information FOR FREE as I can muster, I will ask you about your progress, and most importantly, I will not shame you for not following through. At the same time, don't make me want your goals for you. I have not the heart or energy for both of our goals.

Alright, now that I've come across as an's some stuff that might help.

Practical ways to motivate yourself.


You don't need a shit ton, and the majority of us are already addicted to it in some form. You don't need much, a cup of coffee, a soda, or an energy drink. But this will get you awake. I do this pretty much every day. It's part of my regiment. It gets my head buzzing in the right way so I can do my work. I don't need to shoot up Jacked 3D or cellucor to get myself into the right head space, I just need to be awake.

Brain Wash Yourself.

I've talked about this at length in my post "What Successful People Do" but the ability to transplant ideas into your subconscious can be a powerful ally in your efforts towards achieving your goals. You have to reprogram your habits and your mind together in order to overcome some of the "bad" habits you've trained your body to be accustomed to. I've done so much reprogramming with my various different schedules I've had over the past 6 months, it's incredible. The moment I have a routine that I stick to for several weeks, I have to begin rehearsal or I start up a different job or have to work different hours. Suddenly I have to reprogram and re-establish a new way of doing things. So be it! I will do what I have set out to do. Fuck motivation, I'm just going to do it.

Plan for success

Find out what's the hardest part about going to workout for you. For me it is always getting out of bed. So, I have trained myself for when that alarm rings. I grab that phone and I look straight into its icy blue stare. This may be doing all sorts of harm to my eyes, but it's doing wonders for my body. Once I flash myself (hehe) I get up and go to the bathroom whether I need to or not (I usually do.) I do my business and go about my morning. The key is getting out of the bed trap. If you just lay there, you will stay there.

I've also made it a habit to pack my gym bag and lay out my workout clothes the night before so that before I know it, I'm in my car on the way to the gym. I know some people will sleep in their workout clothes to get this same effect, but not ol' Yeargain. Boxer briefs for life.

Give yourself as few obstacles as you can. 

The Nitty Gritty

Getting and staying in shape doesn't require your life time devotion, you don't need to go full stupid with your programming to get results like Ol' Yeargain. The Most it requires of you is 40-60 minutes a day of exercise. If your diet is in check and you have great programming, you will conquer.

There are pro body builders that spend less time in the gym than that. But their programming is incredible and their diet is on point. You will see a lot of guys spending 1-2 hours a day at the gym, but they are either doing it because they are stupid and don't know better or they enjoy it so much that it's what they do for fun!!! You may play video games, write, read, learn Spanish for fun, some bros Lift!


There is this phrase that comes up time and time again: "will you sacrifice to win?!" It's usually screamed right before someone does something incredible. But the phrase...what does it even mean? Win? Win what? A body building competition? Sacrifice? I didn't eat a 7th Oreo with my ice cream last night, that's a sacrifice. Why do we have to be martyrs? Sacrifice is such a strong word for something that doesn't have to be so demanding. I agree that a lot is required of a person to be a top competitive athlete, or to really be at the top of any kind of career. However, the general population doesn't want that. They want balance, and what I'm telling you is, balance is achievable. You just got to move the pebbles on the scale a bit and figure it out yourself, don't let others place the pebbles for you.

Pull Day


Feeling good and looking good. Don't really care to write much today, but it was a damn good workout and I'm gettin my results. Here's what I did.

Warm Up: 15 min of Arc Trainer.

Weighted Pull Ups

Bent Over Rows

Upright Rows

Face Pulls

Bicep Curls

Leg Raises

Decline Bench Press
200lbs x 7

Arc trainer for 15 min.

Monday, March 24, 2014

You're too skinny

In the past few months I've helped out a few females lean out either by direct instruction or as they have put it: "inspiration." They've been very pleased with their results. Weight loss, increase of energy and strength, slimming down and "toning" (I shudder when I say the word, but the industry has made it a part of the vocabulary, might as well embrace it) and thus they have built up their confidence as a result. They may be wearing tighter fitting clothes, slimmer waisted what nots and marveling in their own rewards. All wonderful things.

However, another phenomena occurs. The jealousy of friends and negativity from others.

I don't want to make this into a gender thing, I don't have any kind of agenda as far as making women seem less significant in any form when compared to men, especially in terms of psychological strength. My mother and grandmother are the strongest people I know, and thus I was instilled with a great respect for women at a young age. I speak only from the experience I've had with my friends and fellow weight losers. It just so happens that the women I have helped have spoken to me about this specifically.

The general trend is that at first they lose some weight, nothing significant, and people congratulate them on their success. However, when they continue to lose weight, they get comments like "Now, you're too skinny" or "I hate you" or "you're getting too small" or "Keep up the good work, but now I think you're getting too little. I like a woman with more meat on her bones."

I understand that these comments are meant to be taken in jest. But I can't help feel that there is a little bit of truth in every sarcastic comment. There tend to be a little too much in mine.

However, these comments sting a little bit. People think that when they lose weight that the snide, sarcastic comments will stop. They won't, and they don't, they just change. You are just bearing a different cross now, ya little martyr, you. Some will admire, some will condone, some will mock, and some will praise. It's part of life, and it's part of the game. 

However, this goes even further. The backhanded compliments. "Wow! You've made such great progress, keep it up!" "You're almost there!" "You're starting to really look good!"


Again, all well meaning for the most part I can only assume. But this implies that I'm training and working towards an aesthetic that you approve of. Negative, ghost rider. 

This is my favorite one, and honestly it doesn't even make me upset, I just find it humerous.

As you may have noticed, Ol' Yeargain wears a lot of super heroe t shirts. My favorite shirts in rotation are a handful of superman t's, a couple of captain America T's and a Thor tank top. I love all of my children equally, but I happen to own more superman T's, so they are worn more frequently. I tend to get a lot of "you look like Clark Kent" or "you look like superman!" This is because I'm tall, fairly muscular and bear a striking resemblance to Christoper Reeves from the 1987 superman movies. 

I get more "hey superman" compliments when I'm wearing my superman T's, but when I wear my captain America shirts I inevitably get "you're much more of a superman than a captain America..."


Yeah, because that's why I wear superhero shirts, because I'm trying to walk around in costume all day so that I'll be mistaken for a vigilante and someone will beg me to save their litter of kittens from a burning building (which I would totally do, btw, I love kittens.) Do you say that to a little overweight kid sporting the same t shirt? "You're much more of a fat yoda than a superman, little dude." And does this mean they are assuming everyone is trying to dress up like batman when they thrown on his symbol? What if a black guy wears it? Are you going to step into that big puddle of racism?

I'll do another post some day about why I love superheroes and the myths surrounding them, but I have a multi-layered love and fascination with their stories that make me want to bear their names and brands on my chest, not just to be randomly confused for a superman look alike. 

Don't get me wrong, I love it when people call me superman or even Clark. It is immensley flattering. I grew up reading comic books and watching the Christopher Reeves Superman on a bootlegged VHS. My 4 foot rotund elementary school self would never have imagined that one day people would think I'm in good enough shape to bear resemblance to a Demi-god. 

I would be lying if I didn't say that getting into shape for the confidence that comes with aesthetics was one of my goals, and for the longest time I wanted to look like Chris Hemsworth in Thor...(still working on that one.) But it sure as hell wasn't to please others and get the approval of my form from others. In fact it shocked me how many people were handing it out so readily throughout the process.

How to combat this?

*hem hem*


Everybody knows that old saying: Opinions are like (ass holes, armpits, belly buttons, etc.) everybody has them and they all stink. I just shorten it to FUCK OPINIONS.

Most people are going to operate under the assumption that you care what they have to say. From now on, unless you're consulting them for advice (paying for it perhaps) you shouldn't give two flying shits about what anybody has to say, especially if the advice is unsolicited. Even in regards to my blog and my work. If you think I'm an idiot or I'm talkin out of my ass, feel free to think so, feel free to even tell me so! If you bring up a valid point, I'll research it myself and either defend my stance or correct my mistakes. 

Ideally you didn't start losing weight because of someone else, because we all know how that ends. You should change the vessel you live your existence in because it's what you desire to do. Because you're sick of living in the one your consciousness is currently riding around in and you want to rise above it and transform it in your image! 

You're going to have haters all of your life that will put you down for the silliest stuff. Stuff that doesn't even need to be repeated. Call it jealousy, call it ignorance, whatever story you need to tell yourself, do so. Be bigger and stronger of body and mind than you ever thought you could be and rise above the basic yammerings that we put so much stock into.

If I listened to what people said, I would have stopped trying to lose weight around 220lbs. Yet, here I am sitting around 200, and I see abs, I got some veins, I'm eating well, and I'm increasing my strength. I'm existing in the land of MY programming and dietary constraints because I like the way my food tastes and what it does for me in the gym and the way it shows up in a mirror, and I never starve. Some people try what I do and think I'm an idiot, or that I should do it their way. And, I gotta say, I've tried a lot of other peoples ways, and I don't like them. I like my way. You may hate my way, and that's fine. You never have to do it my way.

If you want to be as skinny as a rail, do so with zest! If you want 34 inch biceps, curl away! No one else lives in your skin and peers at it everyday through your eyes. Live, eat, breathe and exist in the form the makes you the happiest. Don't let others dictate how you train, including Ol' Yeargain. I'm here to help you with the tools and tricks I know, so you can do one thing, and one thing only:

Have a great day, y'all.

Wendler cycle 6 week 2/Bench

201.7 this early mornin. No time for a selfie, had to hit the pavement. Gains were to be gained!

Warm Up: 15 min on elliptical.

Bench press

I got 4
DC 3-3-3

There was no way I was going to get another rep from that last set. I would have hit failure so hard. But, I've never pushed 205 this many times before, and definitely not at this body weight. The DC went great, too. Some struggle bus, but I nailed the lock out.

Overhead Press

At least 3
DC 2-2-2

These were hard, no doubt about it. I've almost hit the ceiling, I can tell. I'm going to have to start rethinking things, moving them to a different day, or back track until I'm able to hit these numbers. We will see.

Incline press

So much power! I nailed this today. Great reps, great weight, lots of great things. I'm going to do 2 sets of 80's next time, with 3 sets of 70's to follow. Looking forward to it.


So strong these dips be.

Skull crushers

Nailed them.

Ab crunches

Pull ups
15lbs x 8

15 min on elliptical.

Overall, a monster workout that I dominated. Increased reps and weight, got a great pump and felt wonderful during the whole workout. I love when a workout comes together.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wendler cycle 5 week 1/Squats

Warm up: 15 min on elliptical

Back Squats

At least 8 reps on Last set
DC 5-5-5

Front Squats

Stiff legged deadlifts

Glute thrusts

Calf raises

Fuck this exercise. No more. It's not worth the giant waste of time and the potential risk of energy.

Ab crunches

Flat bench

Friday, March 21, 2014

Don't be a Basic Bro

Don't get me wrong, I'm a bro, and I'm all about the bro lifestyle. I lift big, eat copious amounts of animals, partake in the spirits, and, when my schedule allows it, I like to rage.

But, there is a difference between being a bro of the universe, and being a Basic Bro.

A Basic Bro can reveal himself in many ways. He's usually the first to vomit at a party but also the one tryin to hook up with all of the girls at the party at the same time in hopes of creating some kind of giant mega orgy where he is the only male.

Basic bros come in all forms. They be shapeshifters, yo! However, basic bros have no choice but to let down their camouflage in the gym. 

Basic Bros be Like:

Curlin in the squat rack.

Basic Bros don't give a fuck. Number 1 priority is to get those biceps a goin so they can have a sick pump while they workout. Plus, biceps are priority because they are the most seen muscle. You can cover up your legs, chest and back, but any time you wanna wear something that doesn't have long sleeves, people are judging your gains. Basic bros wanna feel like they are in the cage when they are doin their curls, and frankly they are savin some bro from wastin their time on squats.

Takin selfies on the gym floor

You've successfully achieved something resembling a pump from 13 sets of bicep based exercises. You now need to capture the evidence that you have visible muscles in your arms by taking a selfie and share it via instagram, snapchat, or if you're really likin the results, facebook and twitter. At first it's smooth and sly, lookin around and seeing if anybody is watchin before snappin. Next thing you know, your shirt is off and you're looking for optimal lighting.

Miss, I'm sorry but you have to keep your shirt on....Oh, Mr. Bieber, I didn't recognize you.

Offering people fitness advice at the gym when not asked for it.

You're a basic bro, you've done some basic bro youtube research, so now you're an expert on human anatomy and sports science. You see another bro doing sumo deadlifts and you just saw a video about how sumo deadlifts are basically cheating because the shortened range of motion and how it doesn't activate as much muscle fibers. That guy needs to know RIGHT NOW! You walk over to him and let him know that he's not being very optimal with his workout and you're surprised when he gives you the biggest "go fuck yourself" look you've ever received. You were just lookin out for his gains, no one else in that gym was.

"Hey, bro, do you need a spot, you need to stay above parallel for constant tension. Srs."

Power screamin for their unnecessary 1 rep maxes.

You've been working out a few months, you're feelin good. You're thinkin, it's time to put up some P.R's, y'all. I'm going in their today and wrecking shop, lifting 500lbs on my dead lift, benchin 280, and doing some squats...nah, just playin, fuck legs.

You take as much pre workout as you can, so you can get so buzzed that you can't even feel the injuries you're about to sustain. You feel like the hairs on your body are cactus quills, and you have a crazy erection you can't get rid of for some reason...

First you see the bench. She's yours. Take her. Fuck warm ups. Stack on 3 plates each side and HIT THIS! A blood vessel pops in your eye as you start stackin the weights, you are so pumped. Miley Cirus Wrecking ball is blasting in your eyes, you're pacing around the gym, looking like you're going to punch a toddler. You charge the bench, throw that weight up into the air and let the bar about and inch. Then lock those elbows hard and re-rack the weight. You don't need to touch your chest, constant tension brah, You got that. #Strongestmuthafuckainthegym

Straight up Dragon Ball Z status

Showing off way too much nipple.

Basic Bros wanna show off their gains. The number one gains display of choice is the stringer. Depending on what string you're wearing, you're showin off some major gains. Back, delts, arms, and chest. You've got some weird nipples because you experimented with testosterone boosters and got a bit of gyno, but you're still jacked cheddar, brah, people got to see these gains.

Problem. You spent all your dough on shots last night and your last roommate stole your nice golds gym stringer. Time to be innovative, little MacGyver, time to make your own stringer. You grab an old t shirt that says something like "Football" on it, because you're an athlete and people need to know. You start by cutting off the sleeves. Looks good, but the size makes you look small. So you cut off more sleeve, and make the sides go down low. fuck this, lets cut it down to the bottom on the arm wholes, cut it wider so you can see more chest and lat. Fuck, that looks good.

All the nipple.

Bringin in a crew to workout with.

Just like the mighty ducks, you never fly solo. You gotta have a crew, and ideally, a big enough crew where no one is getting a good workout in today. You're there to make some noise and see who can curl the most before they tear their bicep.There is no rotation order, only the biggest dude calling all the other guys pussies until they hop on that bench and have to have 135 pulled off of their chest.

Doing an exercise with such incorrect form, you're not even sure what they're tryin to do anymore.


You've gotten real srs (that' serious) about your gym time. It's time to make some fuckin gains this year. Mad gains. You did some more research, and by that you asked that one yolked dude how he got his gains and he described to you a perfect blend of chest and bicep activation in one exercise, now you're stoked. You snort a line of pre-workout and you go for it. Things sound like they're that blood....Oh, God...the room is spinning. Shit....I got 4 more sets....where is my pre workout, I need another bump.

Spending way too much money on gym apparel. 


Your money has two priorities. Booze and bitches. After that, it's lookin fly 24/7. And now since you're a gym rat with some GAINZ, you gotta look the part and sport that gym lifestyle look. Don't be caught dead wearin anything that didnt cost below 60$ in the gym. Are you a fool? Did you grow up poor? did? So, get a mutha fuckin credit card, it's like free money, yo. Now you can get those shoes, dem under armour everythings, and enough accessories to establish you're there to workout. Get yourself that classy ass gym bag. Hell yeah. Now that you're walking around in a grand worth of gym gear, you're finally ready to make some gains.

Doin way more talkin than liftin.


You gotta take rest in between your sets to get optimal gains. You read this in Men's Fitness, and that shit is basically a scientific journal for muscle gains. You're takin that advice, so you're strikin up convos with your assembled gym crew, or if they can't make it, the biggest bro in the gym (other than you, no doubt) and you're swapin tips (no homo.) Before you know it, an hour has passed and you've barely done 3 sets between the two of you. No big, you achieved optimal gains with those 1 and half sets, you can tell.

Always making excuses for skippin leg day.


They didn't invent exercise pants to show off your legs, they invented them to hide them. I use my legs for walkin, I don't "work them out" they get enough stimulation when I take the stairs up to the VIP section in the club. Plus, last time you did squats, you threw up and that shit aint fun unless you've been takin jaeger bombs. 

Actually, at first I wrote this because I was trying to make sure nobody was becoming a basic bro, but fuck that. I'm gonna go snort some pre-workout, put on a stringer and hit the curl rack with about twenty of my bros. See you bitches later.

Pull day


The first time I've been below 200 since the post street scene bulk. Body composition is on point. Ate like a pig yesterday, too. 

Warm up: 15 min arc trainer

Weighted Pull Ups

Bent over rows

Upright rows

Face pulls

Bicep curls

Leg raises

Decline bench

Arc trainer 15 min