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The Contrast
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Diet is Everything

Diet trumps training every day of the week. You can lift every weight in the gym, run an hour a day, and if you're diet isn't on point, you are wasting your time. 

I see this every day at the gym. People come in looking the exact same week after week, month after month. And they aren't just sittin on their thumbs, they are working hard. Harder than I am at times. But, I know that when they get home they aren't watching what they eat, because their form stays the exact same. Not better, not worse, literally no progress. That's my definition of hell.

If you're looking to change your body and lose or gain a lot of weight, diet is the most important change you will have to make.

Work Ethic V.S. Discipline

I believe that lazy people are not as common as people think. I know most people to have a pretty damn decent work ethic in one way or another. It takes just as much mental focus to play Diablo for 13 hours as it does to work most desk jobs. However, one is deemed lazy because of the monetary value we place on the other. I'm not ready to call anybody lazy just because they don't want to apply themselves in the gym like I do. That's called being a judgmental bastard.

No, I believe the majority of people contain the bear minimum amount of work ethic required to make an immense amount of progress in the gym and their physiques. Where people fail is in practical application of basic training protocol that is scientifically proven to yield results and a complete lack of discipline when it comes to diet.

Yet again, I'm not saying you need to stop eating things that are delicious and eat "Clean." Fuck Clean Foods. However, you gotta know what your limits are. It's obvious that you can't eat a whole fuckin pizza with ranch poured all over it, but you could just as easily be busting up your daily fat intake by eating one too many walnuts on your salad, especially if you had that scoop of almond butter at breakfast. I'm not trying to scare you or make you have food issues, but I am giving you cold hard facts. If you want to lose weight, you need to be just the least bit obsessive. This means knowing what the nutritional facts of your foods are, how much of it you are consuming, and how much of it you should consume to meet your physique goals. Don't jump on the Gluten is bad and will kill me band wagon or start convulsing at the thought of carbs entering your blood stream. Don't join a fad diet that you saw give someone else great results, do something that you know scientifically will WORK and you can manage with calculable data. Calorie counting sucks, it's inconvenient, and it ruins meals knowing how many calories are in your favorite pasta dish. However, you're going to have a hell of a time losing weight if you're clueless to how much you're truly eating.

The same thing goes for people (mostly dudes) trying to put on muscle. They workout really hard, but then when it comes time to put the effort into the kitchen and onto the plate, they falter. They either don't eat enough and make ZERO progress, or they eat too much and put on way too much fat to even notice they are making gains in the gym.

People who attempt to have success in physique based career paths will always falter in the one area it matters: What they put into their mouths.  The basic science of Body building is maintaining as much muscle while losing as much fat off of their body as possible. They do this by slowly dieting, cutting carbs, and increasing cardio. They do all of their hard gym work in the off season when they have more food to sling around, but when it comes time to be stage ready, their work is done in the kitchen. Other than steroids and having great genetics, body builders aren't doing anything we're not capable of to lose weight. Some of them will go to extremes and cut sodium and water, dwindling down their carbs to nothing, but us normal folk don't have to tan and oil up our bodies so we can wear the tiniest drawers possible and show how shredded our glutes are. Body builders will go through their off season implementing their own training styles, but when it get's time to be serious about their competitions, they bring in a coach to watch their body composition and weight and help them acquire their peak conditioning for their shows. Why is this? Because you can get a lot of great results with different styles of training methods, but diet is fuckin hard to get perfect.

For us normal folk? We don't need perfect, we can get a lot of fantastic results from pretty good, but it still takes a lot of discipline to achieve pretty good.

There is a saying: "You can't out run your fork." I also like "You gotta eat to grow." But these sayings really simplify a rather complicated series of issues. Most of them being not eating when your body is starving or force feeding yourself well into the point of being bloated, full, and gassy. This is where discipline comes in. Dieting doesn't and shouldn't be miserable 100% of the time, even if you're preparing for a photo shoot or a competition. However, to be able to get past those moments of discomfort that are inevitable, you will require a samurai like conviction. Ignoring your bodies cues so that you can attain the physical goals and transformations you desire. Dip your hands into the hot coals, young student, but don't leave them there.

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