The Contrast

The Contrast
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pull Day 5x5's

I'm actually currently writing this from late last night. I got invigorated to do an overhaul on a lot of my opera bro branding stuff, so I stayed up late, knowing that I had to be at work early tomorrow morning to get my workout in before my shift at the YMCA. Regardless, I'm pleased as punch with my additional pages on my blog, my new logos and I've touched up lots of things on all of my accounts. I'm starting to look somewhat respectable now.

Woke up a lot heavier than usual, nearly 205 and holding a lot of water. I got way less sleep than I like. Hate that shit. I'm not pleased with this conditioning, and although the water weight will come off today and I should be back around 203 by tomorrow after a full night of sleep, it sucks having this (incorrect) perception of taking a step back.

My throat was also wrecked from the dryness of the heater and the fucked up Oklahoma weather. Oh well, time to do work, son.

Weighted Pull Ups
25lbs hanging

These were much harder than anticipated. This may have been an adventurous stretch. 8 reps with 25. I'll complete these and come back to the drawing board. There were too many cheat reps from the first set on for me to stay at this weight.

Bent Over Rows

Easy money. Going up in weight.

Rack Pulls

More easy money.

Face Pulls

Super set with

Weighted crunches

Bicep Curls

This gave me a crazy bicep pump, especially after the face pulls.

Super set with

Captains chair leg raises

Incline Bench Press
135lbs for 11 reps

140lbs for at least 8

The Workout had a lot of volume, but overall, it was a pretty good workout. Other than the pull-ups, which I attribute to being too cocky with my previous pull ups, I felt like I was able to do all of my weights and reps rather successfully. However, the whole workout felt off. I feel soggy, if that makes any sense. But, I did my work for the day. Tomorrow is another day.


I ended up getting the conditioning I wanted. Just needed to sweat out some crap and get adjusted after only sleeping for 4 hours. Feelin way better.

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