The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Superiority Complex

Another poem. This one was kind of filled with spite. I've been having a lot of aggression lately. I think I'm just getting ready for something different, and I'm ready to take the next step with my research and findings with this blog, and I'm currently in a holding pattern. That fucking waiting game. I feel like I can do so much, but there are so many loop holes that you have to jump through to start making this a part of your living. Don't get me wrong, I've been falling in love with helping people who have asked me for it, and those who have found help from my random writings, but it's in my nature to always want more.

Naturally, I've been displacing my frustrations against the fools that sell our society trash under the guise of quick fixes when it comes to fitness and diet. The way people place these "gurus" on pedestals. Do you even Science, brah? I've done this and I still do this. I watch lectures and read articles from well known researchers in the field, and I often find myself agreeing with it without my own investigations. So, you can say that this is partly a shout at my subconscious...If you happen to give a fuck.

I think this is also an extension of me lashing out at authority. Something I continue to have trouble with. I love my mentors and I love that people have mentors, but there are many people or systems that are in place that demand authority, and that I can't respect. Assume away what you think I'm talking about. You'd be wrong.

I nearly titled this poem "Fuck Your Food" and if I ever did perform it, I think that's what I'll say in the microphone right after I take a long draw out of a cigarette.

Superiority Complex

Why should I think I'm better than you? Because you deem it so. You shout those praises and elevate my status. Prophet, preacher, teacher, oh mighty OZ, you look to that floating head without seeking answers behind curtains. You allow ego to inflate and god like complexions to descend on pea-cocked shoulders.

Would you strike a wise man if he spoke knowingly untruths to gain from you? His title was assigned to him by men, not Gods. His ignorance and Bias is the mirror image of yours.

Why do the nations so furiously rage together? Staking claim on lands and borders, finding God and religion in their insignificant daily practices. Holding swords and shaking shields in mockery to the other camps. Like the ignorant armies clashing on Dover Beach, their battlefield the pinnacle of our first amendment, The information super highway. 

Heal yourselves! Say no! Take your truth from those terraced mouths of wolves and venomed fangs of snakes. Need you brothers and sisters of like minded coincidence to find sanity and satiety on your plate? Must your zealous for Health and personal growth turn you into a zealot? Your sound bites sounding off like a child's pull string doll, the maddening repititon of mindless unresearched opinion.

Before you were trapped by your form, a prisoner in your own vessel. Now you seek chains and slavery in the doctrine of diet. You have traded in one master for another. You seek extremes, proclaiming your uniqueness and necessity, but then seek campanions and armies in your arms race. Stubborn ass, have you not enough hatred for yourself that you must hate others?? Misery loves company.

To hell, you misered companions! Wave your banners! I'll trudge the lonesome path of truth, stopping, sharing and obtaining teachings in the free market commerce. My belly full of both the labeled good and bad feasts, the enemies of your palate will be my spoils.

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