The Contrast

The Contrast
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wendler cycle 3 week 2/Squats

 Woke up with more nose and throat crap. I'm going to need to start taking action to remove this junk from my body. Here I come, drug store! Mmmmm, NyQuil.

Anyway, woke up at a generally pleasing 202.7. I'm hoping that It wont affect my squats too much being at this weight, but we shall see. I've done more weight on my back and felt fine.

Warm Up: 15 min on the arc trainer.

Back Squats

I got 7 on the last set
DC 5-3-2

I dominated that last set. I felt great going into it. They were all clean, too. Pretty good depth. At least parallel. I did pull something in my back though. I spent the rest of the workout foam rolling. The first DC really hurt my shoulder, think I plowed it re racking the weight. Switched hand positions to help.

Front Squats

These felt pretty good. My shoulder and back didn't really act up too much during these, which is good. But my form isn't super clean with these bad boys. I need to go back to the drawing board.

Stiff Legged Deadlifts

These are still easy, and I'm getting a lot of speed out of them.

Glute Thrusts

I got my first question about what this exercise was for. Dat ass!

Calf Raises
10 plates

Superset with

Ab Crunches

Incline Bench Press
135lbs for 10 reps

Pull Ups
5lbs hanging for 10 reps

15 min. on the arc trainer.

Another great workout. Legs are tanked and felt like jelly on the arc trainer. I'm real hungry today. I gots to feed this here body of mine, hopefully remedy whatever I did to my back so I can have a great pull workout tomorrow morning. 

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