The Contrast

The Contrast
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wendler cycle 5 week 2/Bench

I bolted out of the house this morning. I knew I was going to be short on time so I didn't even take my morning selfie or do my weigh in. I put on clothes, grabbed my food for lunch and hit the road. Time to make iron.

Bench Press:

I got 5 on Final Set
DC 4-3-3

This was great. The last set I pushed to get that 5th rep, but I think I could have grinded out a 6th even. I felt great about it, though. I know my strength is improving and I can't wait to see where it is on my next push day.

Overhead Press

I got 5 on Final Set
DC 4-3-3

I finally found the correct hand position for me on the bar. It was way too narrow and it wasn't allowing my forearms and wrists to travel in a straight path up, so there were lots of hitches that were throwing off my groove. This was great educational movement today.

Incline Dumbbell Press
1 set of 80lb for 5
2 set of 75lb for 5
3 set of 70lb for 5

I'm climbing my way up that ladder. You can probably see my progression plan.


Strong as always.

Skull Crushers

Felt great until the last reps of the last set. It was crazy hard.

Chest Fly

Weighted Crunches

Pull Ups
10lbs for 10


Result: Pumpocology - the study of the pump.

I kind of got a grumpy frowny face goin on here...
Today I only did 5 minutes of 20 on the stair master because I'm helping my boss at church after my shift at the Y today. It's a quick hard morning of a workout, but I'm REALLY proud of the way I pushed through plataeus and I set PRs, fixed form and made this workout a great one. It was a mental game from minute 1, but I pushed through.

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