The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Wendler week 1 cycle 5/Bench and Push

Damn you, day lights savings time. Woke up at a biggish 204.5. I'll be needing that weight if I'm gonna try to push 185 8 times.

Shitty cold mornin. Hardly anyone at the gym, which is awesome. Should be a good lifting morning. Gonna try and do work quick, though.

Bench Press

I almost got 8 on the final set. It wasn't super clean where the 7 before it was.
DC 5-4-4

I'm pushing myself ladies and gents. I didn't get that 8th rep clean, but I sure as hell didn't leave it on my chest. I even made sure I kicked ass during the DC and beat my last ones at this weight.

Overhead Press

5 and a push press.
DC 4-3-3

Incline Dummbell press
1 set of 80lbs for 5
1 set 75lbs for 5
3 sets 70lbs for 5

1 set of 4 on the dumbbell bench. Failure was achieved. The rest felt heavy as hell. This workout actually got me pissed. I don't like missing reps and I don't like being crunched for time. Both of which happened.


This was the first time in the workout where I felt like I dominated the weight.

Skull crushers

I can't wait till I get to do 90lbs for 8 next week!

Pull Ups: 10lbs for 8 reps

I've had myself quite the morning to say the least. Some drama around a certain blog post that I shared earlier. I'm very thankful it took place after my workout, because I know it would have messed with my head during my lifts. But, all is good and balanced in Ol' Yeargain's world. He looks good, feels good, and he's singin well. Life is simple when you want it to be.

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