The Contrast

The Contrast
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wendler Week 2 Cycle 4 Bench/Push Day

 A late morning for Ol' Yeargain. I'm finally getting the sleep I was meant to get for a while. However, I'm starting to get some form of illness from this bullshit weather. Oh well, I shall survive. My Tulsa opera check cleared this morning, so I celebrated by paying my credits early. I even paid one off. Yeah Me! I'm going to be fixing my iphone screen today, and I will also be buying some new workout pants. Ones that actually fit me. I'm so god damn stoked. I'm trying not to go full retard with this money, because it has to last me for a while. Taking care of my bills in advanced is going to save my hide, that is for sure.

Woke up at 203 even. A little less than yesterday. My conditioning is really starting to come along. I think I could be legit photo shoot ready in about a month if I commited, but I'm not sure I'm down for that kind of work. I think I'd rather continue to stay around 203 and get stronger, eat more food and be reasonably pleased with my appearance. I know if I dieted down again that my performance would suffer just so I can have some professional shirtless photos. Meh. Not interested.

It's another bullshit cold ass day. There is legit ice on the back roads. The main roads seem to be fairly clear, so life shouldn't be too interrupted today.

Bench Press

5 on last set.
DC 4-3-2

I could have done 6 for the last set. I know I could have. I could have grinded it out, and frankly, I should have. But, I got my 5 I set out for. That was my goal number and I'm glad I nailed it comfortably. The DC felt great. Probably because I wasn't sapped from the last set.

Overhead Press

I got 4 on the last set
DC 3-3-1

Warm up sets felt heavy. Never a good sign. I went with a wider grip, which may have been why I has a little hitch in my push. Maybe more narrow was my sweet spot. It's hard to tell. DC went well. The second DC I jumped hard on that struggle bus for that 3rd rep. It felt incredible to beat a weight.

Decline Bench Press
Till failure on last set (8)

I was going to do some incline bench work, but the incline bench at this Y sucks. It's practically a shoulder press. Anyway, they have this swag Decline bench here, and I dominate at this lift. I can bench 255lbs on this bad boy, but that's mostly due to the shortened range of motion. This 185 for 5x5 was easy. Actually a little too easy, but that last set to failure helped boost the intensity.

Last set till failure.

I made a hanging belt. Lol. It hugged the nuts.

Skull Crushers

Chest Flys

Weighted Ab Crunches

Knee Raises

Pull Ups

135 for 14

Result: Big Pumpin

This was a tough workout. I was ready to be finished by the time I walked out of there. Lots of reps, lots of sets. Heavy weight and pushing myself in all the lifts. I'm doing some good work and I'm getting my results.

And now, time to celebrate in the spoils of war. Food, new Iphone Screen and workout pants.

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