The Contrast

The Contrast
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wendler week 3 cycle 3/Squats

I woke up this morning a little lighter than usual. 203.2. I nearly laughed out loud. I felt like I beat the system. Yesterday I had a burger and fries, my usual giant sources of protein and then at night I had wine and some 10pm!!! (No intermittent fasting???) The result is that I look awesome.

I'm a pretty committed Intermittent fasting guy, and I'm sure I'll stay that way because of the potential health benefits, but i said "fuck it" last night and now I'm enjoying the splendors of war.

I contribute this to the booze. It has the ability to dehydrate you, and I didn't take NyQuil last night, which tends to hold a lot of water on me. But, in my book, I still beat the, time to do work.

Warm up: Arc Trainer for 15 min and some foam rolling on my back and quads.

Back Squats

6 on final set
DC 3-3-3

Last set felt great! My only disappointment is that a couple of reps weren't parallel. I'm talking centimeters above parallel, but still not the depth I desire. I still got a lot of quad activation, so the exercise was still beneficial, but great form in the squat is something I'm striving for. The DC felt hard, definitely after pushing myself in the final set, but I got a solid 3 by 3.

Front Squats

These felt pretty great, too. I'm trying to be immensely positive every time I start this exercise, because frankly it's hard and I sometimes don't do it very well. I'm thinking positively and attacking the weight, making sure i get them all to parallel and at least 1 of each set going really deep. These were tough, though. By the final set I was taxed. 

Stiff legged dead lift

Superset with

Calf raises
10 plates + 20lbs

Fuck it, they're right next to each other. Why Not? Yolo.

Glute thrusts

This exercise is lucky it's so effective, because the set up time is ridiculously inconvenient. It's doing gods work on my ass, though. 

Weighted crunches

Pull ups

Decline Bench Press
190lbs as many as possible (8)

Now, I knew this was going to be difficult because I had done a pretty great leg day workout earlier this week and on Thursday I did some heavy squats with a friend of mine. So, my legs were a bit taxed to say the least. But I refuse to be beaten!!!!

I did, however, decide not to do any cardio afterwards. I had already had a bad ass workout, I was really hungry and often times the chatter from the half reppin yolos that flood this YMCA gets to be too much for Ol' Yeargain. 

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