The Contrast

The Contrast
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Your Motivation Sucks

"What's your motivation?"


"What makes you so driven?"

These are titles you've assigned to me. I don't sit back and think to myself "I'm so dedicated and motivated. I'm a gad dang champion of self control and making myself do stuff I don't wanna do."

This is the way I've done things all my life. I either want to do it or not. There is no middle ground. The things I want to do I will do to the point of obsession and addiction. The things I don't want to do will never be done. I'm just now getting to the point in my adult life where I am doing things I don't want to do.

Let's lay it out on the table. I can't make you want anything. I can't make you eat "cleaner", eat less, work harder in the gym, or even make you go to the gym. If you paid me to come wake you up, dress you in your workout clothes, drive you to the gym and then make you do all the correct exercises, you still would not make progress because it wasn't something you wanted. How sustainable is it to be a puppet of someone's craftsmanship? You'll be pleased with the initial results, but once the partnership is broken, where is your "motivation?" How many high school football athletes stay in the shape they were in while they were in high school? The percentage is low, because they trained to remain on the team, not because they wanted to be in that peak physical condition. Only those who wanted that specific goal and wanted to pursue the sport past high school remained committed.

People who jump the train.

For those of you who start out strong and eventually quit, or start a diet and then binge and give up: I would argue that you never really wanted it in the first place. I'm not going to call you names but I'm not going to say it's okay either. I'm truly apathetic about the situation. You let a moment take you away from a journey. Is the journey worth giving away moments? Maybe not, and in a lot of cases, definitely not. But that's not for me to decide, it's your life. To me, moments aren't worth the journey I have set myself on.

How do I get started? I just need to something to motivate me to get started.

You want me to sell you motivation? You don't need me to, you can buy it already. It's called pre workout supplements. It will get you so jacked and jazzed up that you won't have any choice but to go wreck shop at the gym. Otherwise you'll feel like you're high on crack sitting, Heart racing watching cops on T.V.

Does anybody else think this stuff looks scary??

I get it. Some days are harder than others. I understand this. I REALLY REALLY do. But I don't care. Your goals don't care. Your goals aren't conscious beings that you can explain that you're not feeling it today, you've got lots to do, you just didn't have time. Goals don't care, goals don't have ears for your excuses to pass through. And again, I don't care about your excuses, and I don't care if you don't achieve your goals, but I will do everything EVERYTHING within my power to help you achieve them. I will give you as much information FOR FREE as I can muster, I will ask you about your progress, and most importantly, I will not shame you for not following through. At the same time, don't make me want your goals for you. I have not the heart or energy for both of our goals.

Alright, now that I've come across as an's some stuff that might help.

Practical ways to motivate yourself.


You don't need a shit ton, and the majority of us are already addicted to it in some form. You don't need much, a cup of coffee, a soda, or an energy drink. But this will get you awake. I do this pretty much every day. It's part of my regiment. It gets my head buzzing in the right way so I can do my work. I don't need to shoot up Jacked 3D or cellucor to get myself into the right head space, I just need to be awake.

Brain Wash Yourself.

I've talked about this at length in my post "What Successful People Do" but the ability to transplant ideas into your subconscious can be a powerful ally in your efforts towards achieving your goals. You have to reprogram your habits and your mind together in order to overcome some of the "bad" habits you've trained your body to be accustomed to. I've done so much reprogramming with my various different schedules I've had over the past 6 months, it's incredible. The moment I have a routine that I stick to for several weeks, I have to begin rehearsal or I start up a different job or have to work different hours. Suddenly I have to reprogram and re-establish a new way of doing things. So be it! I will do what I have set out to do. Fuck motivation, I'm just going to do it.

Plan for success

Find out what's the hardest part about going to workout for you. For me it is always getting out of bed. So, I have trained myself for when that alarm rings. I grab that phone and I look straight into its icy blue stare. This may be doing all sorts of harm to my eyes, but it's doing wonders for my body. Once I flash myself (hehe) I get up and go to the bathroom whether I need to or not (I usually do.) I do my business and go about my morning. The key is getting out of the bed trap. If you just lay there, you will stay there.

I've also made it a habit to pack my gym bag and lay out my workout clothes the night before so that before I know it, I'm in my car on the way to the gym. I know some people will sleep in their workout clothes to get this same effect, but not ol' Yeargain. Boxer briefs for life.

Give yourself as few obstacles as you can. 

The Nitty Gritty

Getting and staying in shape doesn't require your life time devotion, you don't need to go full stupid with your programming to get results like Ol' Yeargain. The Most it requires of you is 40-60 minutes a day of exercise. If your diet is in check and you have great programming, you will conquer.

There are pro body builders that spend less time in the gym than that. But their programming is incredible and their diet is on point. You will see a lot of guys spending 1-2 hours a day at the gym, but they are either doing it because they are stupid and don't know better or they enjoy it so much that it's what they do for fun!!! You may play video games, write, read, learn Spanish for fun, some bros Lift!


There is this phrase that comes up time and time again: "will you sacrifice to win?!" It's usually screamed right before someone does something incredible. But the phrase...what does it even mean? Win? Win what? A body building competition? Sacrifice? I didn't eat a 7th Oreo with my ice cream last night, that's a sacrifice. Why do we have to be martyrs? Sacrifice is such a strong word for something that doesn't have to be so demanding. I agree that a lot is required of a person to be a top competitive athlete, or to really be at the top of any kind of career. However, the general population doesn't want that. They want balance, and what I'm telling you is, balance is achievable. You just got to move the pebbles on the scale a bit and figure it out yourself, don't let others place the pebbles for you.


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