The Contrast

The Contrast
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Full Upper Body

I was debating about going to the gym today, thought "I need to take a day off." Then I woke up at 8am. Fuck that, I'm bored. Time for gym. Gain's!

Also, didn't feel like videoing shit this morning. So, I just didn't. I'm a free man. The camera ain't my master.

195.4lbs...gettin thin.

Decline Bench
215 x 5
205 x 5 x 4

The 215 for 5 was hard. I knew I had to drop it down right away, but I'm glad I did, the 205 felt easy as cake. Gonna walk up the numbers till I get bored.

Bent over row

Tough shit. Really felt that stretch in my Lat. Damn good exercise. I'm taking advantage of having these heavy dumbells while I have the chance. I may do some heavy dumbbell decline tomorrow...

Incline Dummbell
80lbs x 5 x 3
70lbs x 5 x 1
70lbs x 8 x 1

These felt great. Finally back to rubber dumbbells where the 80s feel like 80's.


I'm the damn champion of the chins. Especially now that I'm down 5lbs.


I did 10 on the last set. I'm a god damn dip champion. This machine has a wider set than the one I'm used to. Much more chest than tricep activation. 

Rear Delt flys

Just extra shit. I don't like the weight settings they have for a face pull set up, so I'm gonna do these until I get back home.

Things are changing on Ol' Yeargain.

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