The Contrast

The Contrast
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Tulsa Update

Guys, I've officially been here for a couple of days and I'm immersed in the process of rehearsing, coaching, and now staging Carmen at Tulsa Opera.

I'm trying to stay on top of all of the things: Blogging, vlogging, and the various social media things I do under The Opera Bro name. However, it is proving taxing! Right now I'm sleeping in a place that I'm not used to, and every morning around 7:30 am the sun makes itself known to me by filling my room with nutrient giving laser beams, so I'm not getting the amount of sleep I'm wanting or really needing despite trying to force the subject.

I'm still trying to write a lot, but the new things that have been going on the past couple of days have really been preoccupying my thoughts, so I'm really devoting my attention to that for the time being. I'm "living in the moment" if you would. However, I have two topics that I am in love with, so I am trying to sneak a paragraph here or there when I can. They will be posted when they are finished, just like always, but that may be a few days apart rather then every day or every other day.

Also, the internet here is not powerful enough to post my vlogs, which is disappointing. I enjoy making them, but if I've got nowhere to put the footage it just stays on my comp or on my phone. They aren't doing any good to me on either! So, whenever I find the internet honey hole in this city, I may just have to post several at one time. We will see. I'm also not allowed to take pictures or video of anything involving the rehearsal process. It's necessary legal issues on behalf of the opera company. I like my job and this experience, so I will obey! It is putting a damper on my sharing, but I'm trying to fill my day with lots of other activities that aren't just the opera I am singing...trying to show that you can be an opera singer and do fun things! Yay, being a person!

So far my rehearsal schedule has not been that demanding. So, I've taken the opportunity to do various other things since I've been here:

The Things:

1.) Continuing Training with vigor!

The local YMCA is just down the street. It's actually a pretty nice place. Lot's of free weights, plenty of steady state cardio machines. I actually love how raw and dirty the free weight section looks. A lot of the plates are old, hardened and rusted metal. They got that history to them. There is a lot of YOLOs running around this gym, well into the point of being inconvenient, but there is nothing I can do about it, so I'm just shaking my head and smiling at the gerbils running circles in their ignorant little wheels. They can watch me make all kinds of gainz through the coming weeks and wonder why the stupid shit they do doesn't work for them.

2.) Learning All THE MUSIC!

I have a giant stack of music for Des Moines to learn. Giant! 5 long scenes, 2 choruses, and a comprimario role. All the languages. Well, not any german, but most of the languages. Not to mention that the day I get back from Oklahoma City I'll be rehearsing and performing Act I of The Rake's Progress, so I've got to make sure that music doesn't fall out of my brain. I'm also trying to stay really committed to this Carmen music. It's a tiny tiny role, but it has very important moments, and my French is my weakest sauce in the dish that is Kasey, so I'm always trying to get it to be at least on something resembling the acceptable level. 

Funny enough, almost none of this is the music I'm talking about.

3.) Exploring IIFYM's

This is a perfect time to try to expand my diet pallet and find what really works best with hitting my particular numbers with my diet: which foods fill me up, what is the cheapest, and what is readily available while I'm rehearsing and preparing a show away from home. Mostly it's been me eating like a damn child. Chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, and a pint of ice cream.

However, there are a few eating social gatherings that I'm obligated to attend, so I will do so and conquer with science!

Alright, that's pretty much it. You guys stay classy and make yourselves proud with the product you produce on the daily level. I'm trying to live by example here in T town. Feel free to hit me up with messages and follow me on all of the social media things that are posted in the side panel~~~>

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