The Contrast

The Contrast
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wendler Cycle 7 Week 2/OHP + Legs

Warm up: 15 min on elliptical

Because of my lower back straining, I know I can't go as hard with my squats as I used to. So, I'm pairing these two together for a bit to fill up the workout while still getting a great leg workout. Plus, my delts could always use more development.

Overhead Press
I got to that final set, and I couldn't do 1 good clean one. Failure. But, I made myself do 3 push press style. Then I made myself do 1 good rep for DC. I need to readjust to say the least. I might go to just 5x5's. I'm honestly enjoying that set up a lot more....but I wanted this to run it's course.

Behind head press

These were a lot cleaner. Felt good, plenty difficult.

Front Squat:

Stiff legged deadlift

Glute Thrusts

Lateral Raises
30lbs each hand

Pull Ups
20lbs x 8

Decline Bench
205x5 1/2 lol

Eliptical: 15 min.

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