The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blog Post Tardiness

Guys, Ya boys been busy.

I'm not one to usually make excuses...but here's a list of excuses.

  1. I have a pile of music to learn, and a title role was just thrown on top of that. Not complaining, but I've got to adjust some priorities.
  2. I'm studying to be a personal trainer.
  3. I just started back on my three jobs while in the city.


If you are on my facebook page you will notice that I post a lot to my other social media things: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more importantly - YouTube.

I've been having a lot more success with producing YouTube content in a excellerated rate, and although I will continue to return to the blog to display content in a more thorough, well developed and researched manner, YouTube allows me to address lots of topics very quickly. Time is money, and since I currently make NO money doing this, I need to save my pennies where I can.

Again, I'm not stopping my writing, I'm still writing quite a bit, but my topics tend to be a little too grand and difficult to put to easy to read posts, so I'm making them fit the mold. I love writing and frankly I'm much better at it than public speaking, so I'll never stop, but production has stalled for a bit. I still post my workouts everyday, they are easy to edit and post, and you'll know every time I do finish a blog because I will post it all over my social media happenings...that is, if you're following them. >>>>> Look to the side (If you're on a computer).

Until then, pardon my tardiness, and enjoy this site as you will. You may have even noticed the new banner change at the top! ^^^^^

Just in case you didn't feel like scrolling up...

Love you guys and the support you give me. It warms my heart every time someone says they like my blog, vlog or absurd selfie and food porn on Instagram. Even if you derive pleasure from mocking me, at least I got you laughing. I don't mind being a clown every once in a while.

Until next post - lift big, sing big, and look great doing it,
The Opera Bro.

P.s. If you have sent me a message or email, fear not, I will answer them soon.

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