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The Contrast
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mom: My Best Client

Okay, so, since this Blog is one part informative, one part documentary, and one part personal sounding board, I've decided to use the last one in this post.

It's Mother's day. The day when we take a moment to reflect how important the women that give birth to us are. Frankly, if you have a mother like mine, you should be praising their worth every freakin day. My mother has done much more for me than just fed me, clothed me, and put up with my absurd childhood that has somehow found it's way lingering into my adult life with much tenacity, she has done so for two other children while excelling at her job, having her own personal life, and as of recently, getting into the best damn shape of her life.

Now, I have to say, I've had a bit of a helping hand with that last part...

"My ma tells me I inspired her, and since my pops is an easy goin guy and a great husband he went along this path with her. They asked me how to do it. I told them what I tell you guys. Count your calories and put yourself into a caloric deficit and supplement it with exercise. That's all they needed. My mom started making calorie friendly meals, started going to the gym every morning with my pops to do an hour of cardio. Now, they are content doing their own plans of fitness. Someday I'll get them to lift some weights, but to deny their progress would simply be foolish of me.

My mother has lost 50lbs and has even started running! (One of her goals!)

My father has lost 70lbs even though while in the midst of his weight loss journey he fell out of his truck and fractured one of his vertebrates, something that would usually stir people to give themselves a month long "Fuck It" pass.

The same mother who once made me a Donut Cheeseburger (Per my request) is now making low calorie banana muffins. She's inventive with her healthy cooking and getting the results while living an interesting food life. They both drink beer and go out to eat regularly because they budget it in their calories. Neither of them go hungry, and my ma is usually so inventive with her food that she sometimes makes 3 course meals (appetizer, dinner, and dessert) that fit into their calories.

Their progress has even caused a ripple effect amongst their friends. Suddenly I'm seeing more and more of them at the YMCA putting time on the ellipticals and treadmills than I do people my own age."

I wrote this in February. So, I figure an update is in store. Why? Because my mother is kicking ass Every. Day. She puts everyone I knows work ethic to shame. Including mine.

Here are some posts on her Facebook. Don't spam her, trolls.

*Side Note: My mother is beyond proud of me. While scrolling through her facebook to cherry pick some of her statuses (She writes lengthy posts....that must be where I get my writing from. HA!) I noticed a plethora of posts about me, my brothers, her grandchildren, my father. She's shared so many of my facebook Opera Bro posts, talked about how proud of me she is with my singing ventures and is beaming with happiness. I even found some stuff I had no idea she was recording me doing, including this video of me doing pull ups in the living room one morning before a rehearsal in Tulsa.*

I know you be 'mirin dem lats and that camouflage Hawaiian tank top.

Alright, time to update:

In March she had a small stall in her weight loss. It's okay. She was still just cutting calories and doing lots of cardio at this point, and as is usually the case, things like this tend to happen when weight loss is approached this way. I've been there as have many people before us. But, she was still working really hard, and pushing through those plateaus. Her jedi like will power was more powerful than the method itself.

At this time I came through with my promises and I made her a workout program that was easy to understand and follow and actually posted it to this blog. You can check it out here. 

At first she was intimidated, which is completely understandable. It's hard! It's different! Society has told her that lifting weights will make her big and bulky and she will turn into a monster and look ugly. I think she was skeptical of it for a while, but the more she read ON HER OWN and researched the subject, she decided it was time to invest in this part of training and reap the benefits.

The learning curve was steep. I was called upon for Q&A sessions often while we both frantically made dinner, getting into each others way, using the other's favorite pans and utensils. She'd ask about form, about how often to increase weight, how to customize a few things. She had favorites lifts and movements she hated. We talked them over and made adjustments when needed. But, she kept up with it.

And Soon enough, things started picking up again.

And Whats this?? Stomach muscles??

She's lost so much weight and transformed her appearance that people are making assumptions about how she is doing it. That she is being immensley unhealthy, is bulimic, or ill. She must be starving herself, right? You fools!

Hot damn! She is pissed off for greatness. That's determination you can't buy. That comes from within. That's looking into the face of your peers and sayin "I don't live for your standards, I live for mine." Just typing this is getting me excited about going to the gym and slaying some barbells. 

And it's not me dragging her to the gym, either. I don't know if we've been at the gym at the same time in months. She gets up way before I do and does her own thing. Even when her friends get a case of the sleepies and when my pops is out of town for work. She is there, rain, sleet, or snow.

And ye doubters of method, behold!

Has she seen physical results? You tell me.

She's even been tracking macros!!! Or as my father has been calling then, "microbes." She's having some trouble right now, because it is new and confusing.

However, She's a quick study and slowly but surely she is figuring this business out, and reaping the benefits. I think she's astonished about how far she's come in so little time. At one point in her life, she wasn't sure what the future held in store for her and her health. We even had a couple of blood pressure scares that shook the whole family. Now, she was almost in shock when she said to me "I'm in the best shape of my life."

That's one sporty Grandma if you ask me.

Is she breaking world records? No. Is she now on the cover of women's fitness and being requested for photo shoots? No, but she is inspiring everyone around her, getting compliments and noticed by people everyday, and people are treating her differently. She's not even starving! She's having all sorts of food fun here and there, doing lots of exciting bike riding events, doing fun runs, meeting new people passionate about fitness that are actually admiring her work ethic. She's a straight up champion and I could not be more proud of her.

Some of my mothers food fun. Damn, she knows her way around a kitchen and a martini shaker.

Although I'm going to give her more than just this for mothers day, because it would be a total sham if I just wrote her a silly blog and took credit for her work, I like to think that I gave my ma the best mothers day present I could have ever thought of. Just by wanting to change my physique and showing her it was possible, I've opened up a world of things to her that I'm beyond confident will take her way past the point of her own expectations. Honestly, I'm not even sure how far she's going to go, I don't see an end in sight. Soon she'll be the one posting selfies and writing blogs about macros and nutrient timing!

You're damn right my parents love each other.
*Side Note* My father has also continued his fitness journey. He's had his ups and downs with his back injury, but he has stayed dedicated to counting his calories and his workouts, getting them in even after being on the road for several days. They push each other to want to be better versions of themselves, and to do so together. If you look at the picture above, you'll pretty much see that they have effectively reversed the aging process. Those smiles on the right have never been so big and bright. They say that those who train together stay together, perhaps there is something to that.

This was after a 5K. My mother claims to have ran ever step of it.

Happy Mother's Day, Ma. I love you beyond words. I'm excited to be on this fitness journey with you.

Family and Friends Post Professional Debut.

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