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The Contrast
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ask The Opera Bro: Lose Fat Fast??

Know this: If we discuss training, diet, via email, text or live conversation, I may use it to best serve the cause. Meaning I will of course keep you anonymous unless you really want me to use your name, but if I think someone can benefit from the information shared, I will use it as such. It's never me poking fun of you or your thoughts. Honestly every question I've ever gotten is something that I either wondered or thought incorrectly about at one time. It's for the sake of education, y'all.

Okay, so, the following is a text message conversation that I have a lot. It highlights a few things. 

1.) People like to ask me for Quick fixes...and as a guy that has spent a year of my life making myself into who I am now, I'm not really into quick fixes. 

2.) My ideas of crash dieting via carb removal 

3.) People think they want one thing when they really want another.

Now, it may appear that I'm being rude in this conversation. But I've known this guy for a while now, and I've really come to believe that what people need is just the simple honest truth. The facts, the science, the solution. So, I give the information that I know as bluntly as possible. I don't call people names because I don't tolerate that from others, but I don't like to wrap information in whipped cream. I save that for strawberries. I've been destroying a package of strawberries with fat free whipped cream a day. Shit is off the chain.

Let's start from the top, shall we?

I get this question a lot because we're still in the land of carbs are bad and we should only eat nuts, meat and vegetables because blah blah blah. It's an old fad that's dying a very slow and painful death because it has polar opposite reactions: The People who bounce out of low carb diets and Yo Yo their weight, and the ones who become preachers of the low carb life. Here is me giving a quick explanation why it will yield quick results, but why it's not super in Pokemon.

Seems legit, Ol' Yeargain...let's hear the response.

Will it work? Yeah, of course it will. Atkins works, slow carb works, paleo works, all of these low carb, no sugar based diets work. You get all the water sucked out of you, you then start to lose fat if you're consistently eating below maintenance and getting satiated by the copious amount of protein and fat you're using to fill it. But people forget about one thing: They've been eating sugar their whole life in various forms: fruit, candy, bread, they have an addiction to it (regardless if you think it's good or bad) and your body uses it as it's primary energy source. Why? Because it's ridiculous effective in doing so, and the adjustment period to reprogram your body to begin using fat as it's primary energy source while still going through your daily activities is going to rock your world. PLUS, you can still get fat as fuck with these diets if you're gorging on these unappetizing foods.

I remember the first day I tried to do paleo. I slept half the day. I was blurry and tired. That night I caved and ate a whataburger cheeseburger at midnight. There's Ol' Yeargain's iron will for you.

Let's continue the convo...

A wall??? This always makes me think that people have a tendency to feel stuck, but it's almost never in the program and in nutrition, it's in their behavior and their idea of thinking that they are dieting when they are really not.

 Ah, there you have it. The three things that I recommend and none of them be present in this scenario...I address it as such.

When we look for people to research and look up to for weight loss, who should we admire?

Jared from Subway?

These body builders?

If you think these guys don't take anabolic steroids, you are an idiot.

I can't afford those kinds of drugs!!! Plus being that big looks uncomfortable.

Natural body builders!

That's Matt Ogus with a chipotle burrito.

Hey, that guy is skinny and has muscle! How does he do it??

Sceince!!! You either use drugs or you train and eat efficiently to defy homeostasis and the modern American diet. To get bad ass bods we don't have go to their extremes, but we can borrow their techniques to great affect. 

Behind practical application of body building techniques.

The issue with this particular guy is that he has had incredible success with diet alone in the past. He lost a lot of weight by himself just by cleaning up his diet. That's great and incredible, but unfortunately, it's also probably a fluke. A happenstance of nature that his cleaner eating led to incredible weight loss because he was young, had a healthy metabolism and was able to stay consistent with it. That does not always happen. In fact, it usually never happens. I went on to tell him that to reach the next step he needs to track his macro intake, not be in such a huge eating deficit and regularly train. He said he was going to start HIIT training that night.

It doesn't matter where you start...I promise you, it does not matter where you start. Repeat it 1,000,000 times to yourself to your friends, your family, your dog, cat, lizard, everything that has ears and all the things that don't. If you start the process thinking that you're too inadequate to accomplish something, you will live in that head space for too long and you will quit. I promise you will give up. You won't even be in the most trying time of your training life and you'll be giving up...where do you have to go?

I'll address macro percentages in a video or something of the sort. In short, they are bull shit. Exact Numbers rule this jungle.

I hope this has been helpful in a small part. I understand it's a learning process, and I don't expect everybody to know everything all at once, and I encourage people to ask me questions. I really do enjoy answering them. If I answer a lot of your questions and you ignore them all...well, I may not be super pleased, but in the end it won't matter to me what you do. I know what will get you success and help you achieve your goals, and if you're willing to follow a plan, you'll get there. It won't be tomorrow, but in several tomorrows you'll wake up in the body that you wanted a year ago and look forward to seeing your naked ass in the mirror.

Fuck the Quick Fix. The Journey is worth it.


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