The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Monday, June 30, 2014


I use this blog for a lot of reasons: tracking progress, posting research, saying the word fuck in excess, the occasional poem. Consider this post another branch into the ideas of philosophy and perspective.


There is the classic fuck Mondays attitude...however, this usually comes from those who live the 9-5 type life styles where they slave countless hours during the course of the week, and live and die by the beauty and success of weekends.

People return from the "freedom" of the weekend and slink their postures into crooked figures that fully express the apathy they live and breath every moment during the monotony of their occupation.

That fuckin entitled cat ain't got no room to talk, he don't do shit. He doesn't even make his own damn lasagna, I'm sure he eats Stouffer's or some shit...but his words ring truthfully as you post his ignorant ass on your cubicle wall.

We live in this awkward man-made parameter of time so that people can organize, plan, and thus adjust to a comfortable lifestyle. Same reason we stick to that daylight savings nonsense

*Sidenote: One time on my car I refused to change my clock to compensate for daylight savings time through the course of a year. I proved it's uselessness. I'm a goddamn scientist.*

Time wasn't fabricated to be ticked away with jots, markings, and scribbles on stone, pad, paper, calendar or electronic device, yet we have backed ourselves into corners as a species to need these things. Time is money, don't you know?

Time, life, the streams of it are continous like a river, but we've shaped that scary infinity into the realms of night and day, compacted our sleep to fit the span when it get's difficult to see work of our labors until the fiery ball makes eyes again.

That's why I've never felt at home in a typical job, one where you sign up to recieve hours of your day designated within a time frame, scribbling your initials on a certificate that claps chains on your hands. A schill of the man. I mean, some forms of slavery are necessary, especially as a young man trying to build a name and a brand in two desperate industries. I've just always preferred the types where it's a little less predictable as far as the constraints on your precious hour glass sand.

Things I look forward to on Mondays

You know, though. I'm no revolutionary, I'm not about to be able to change the very basic building blocks of our society so that I can legitimize cat naps. So, like all animals, I adapt. Let me outline some positivities about Mondays and a few of the things I look forward to.

The Beauty of scheduling.

Having things to look forward is one of the things a person can look forward to when their life is set into bullet points. It's kind of like an awkward form of prison...but ya know, whatever. People have their T.V. shows, their stories, their weekly visits. I personally really enjoy YouTube, and more specifically I like the Monday Q&A's.

Jason Blaha is a fitness YouTube personality, highly knowledgeable, and he doesn't bull shit you. He'll call you retarded to your nuts and show no sympathy for it. I've learned a great deal from this man and his channel has helped me grow thirsty for academic and researched based fitness knowledge.

Restart Yourself, Mutha Fucka.

There is something to "starting a week off fresh." It's all mental of course, but sometimes the stories we tell ourselves is the base in which our success lives or dies. Getting to drive yourself into a hole, burning those wrecked feathers to ash and then re-emerging as that sweet ass Phoenix has a nice sound to it. It has no real foundation of truth, it's more philosophical than practical, but whatever works.

Finite Numbers

We know that 12 inches is a foot. Using this knowledge, I can say I'm 6 of those and some change in height! Markers, like on a map, little pin points to track your past and plan your future. Like when were kids and the idea of time was still confusing, we'd judge our when our birthdays were based on how many sleeps we had till then or based when it was snack time based on the length of boy meets world episodes.

I miss this fuckin show...

For the planned mind, where we come from has a lot to do with what we're going to do and where we're going. I always plan my next workouts based on what I did the week before, sometimes the workout before. And if we had no Mondays, we'd have no weeks, and the concept of time would be skewed if we selectively eliminated one part of the paradigm.

Basically all of this was to say: Make your Mondays. Carpe Diem, Mutha Fuckahs.

Until next time, Fuck day lights savings time and entitled felines. And, as always...

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing it.

The Opera Bro

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