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The Contrast
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Father

In the basic functionality of the word, it doesn't take much to be a father. The title is handed out to any male who has happened to reproduce.

However, to be a man who does everything in his power to give what his kids need regardless of personal interest takes a special individual. This is what it truly means to be a father, and I learned this from my pops. The original Ol' Yeargain. (I'm version 2.0)

Pops and I!

There has never been a time in my life that my father has not worked hard. He continues to regularly work long hours at his job and on his off days is almost always going above and beyond in his duties around his home. He is a true genius at solving life's everyday problems that make me so frustrated that it gives me ulcers. He fears no appliance, no tool, no vehicle. He'll fiddle with it until he has mastered the apparatus.

Also, the man is a craftsman. Check out this deck. I know y'all be mirin'. 

My ma has always had a vision for a big beautiful home full of cool things so she could have company, parties, and events. She's lucky that she has the most resourceful man ever who knows his way around a saw and a hammer, because he has made her dreams come true one step at a time. This includes remodeling our garage into a giant living room, and completely transforming our back and front yard.

The man is a mans man. He loves sports, trucks, beer, and all of those reality working man shows on discovery and the history channel. However, even though he didn't grow up with an interest in the hobbies that I now call a profession, he has always been fully supportive of my pursuits. He's been to pretty much all of my big important sings and continues to do so. 

Me in the 6th grade...I think, and pops!

Me and the family post Carmen.

My father also excels in the realm of being a husband. Even after working a very demanding job that has him away from home for nights at a time, he doesn't forget dates (birthdays, anniversaries) and even though he would love to crash in front of the tv and sleep a thousand sleeps after working these shifts, he makes a point to go out with my Ma on date nights that satisfy her zest for the variety of life. 

Ma and Pops before a Great Gatsby party.

I have a lot of heroes in my life, people I admire for various things. However, my father is truly my hero because he exemplifies what it means to be a provider, a leader, and an example on how to live a life as a good man, husband and father. (Now a double grandfather!)

Pops and the future of Yeargains (my niece and nephew.)

Happy Father's Day, pops!

The Opera Bro

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