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The Contrast
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Snacks That Will Screw Up Your Diet.

I don't think snacking is inherently bad or good for ones health, the amount one eats at the end of the day is the deciding factor for whether or not someone gains or loses weight. Obesity and inactivity being the enemy towards ones health.

However, a lot of people have normal appetites and get hungry in hours that don't fit around the typical breakfast, lunch, dinner archetype we're bred into. (Whether the behavior is learned or taught is unknown.) This is kind of how the 6 meals a day doctrine came to be so popular, which is only really effective if you have a great metabolism, a large amount of muscle mass, are probably on some drugs, and have the finances to support both. The 6 meals a day can also help those small stomached amongst us who can't hit 1000 calories in one sitting, or those who are too busy, etc. (Practical reasons for frequent meals)

All foods have their place in the world, even if it's just for fun. However, a great deal of people don't like having to deal with the burden of counting. (Again, understandable, inconvenient as fuck) So they stick to things that are considered "better choices." But, what is a better choice? I can tell you right now that the best choice is to stay within your calorie needs and to increase those calorie needs through physical activity. You have a lot of power over your physical manifestation with the quality of these calories, but you can remain fairly healthy by remaining active and keeping your calories within a certain range. But, again, that requires steadfast let's talk about some of the "healthy choices" people often reach for under the assumption of health.

Commercials and business' sell natures candy with the brand of healthy and good for you (which they are) and then they jazz it up with added sugar, fat, salt, making things that are already calorie dense much more so, and no one does this more than the Nut business...


These little Fuckers are calorie dense as hell, usually salted, stimulating hunger, thus causing you to want to eat a whole bag of these fucks. 

An ounce of nuts is 160 calories...AN OZ!!!! 

People eat this many nuts in the name of healthy fats. The fuck? And people wonder why they don't lose weight. The amount of volume per calorie doesn't make any sense to most peoples calorie and fat needs.

Dried fruit and Fruit Juice

I get it, fruit is good for you. And in juice form it's very tasty and a great accessory to your breakfast that's making that metabolism of yours oh so boosted! (*cough cough* bull shit! *cough cough*) it's chalk full of vitamins and minerals! But, you know what negates vitamins? Diabetes.


Even sugar free juice still contains carbs, and any body builder can tell you that all foods go down faster in liquid form, that's why people turn to protein shakes, because it's tough to get substantial amounts of protein in whole form. However, very few people have issues reaching their carbohydrate numbers for the day. So, you gotta ask yourself, Is juice really worth setting you 30 carbs deep into your daily dietary budget? Especially when you know you're gonna want another glass.

Dried fruit...these things are tasty little bastards, but they are way more dense in carbs than just the shit you pick off the vine. Again, low volume for a high calorie boost. I can tear through a whole bag of these fucks in seconds, but I don't love them enough to not ingest other carbs through the rest of the day.

Peanut butter

I fuckin love peanut butter. I would never flip off peanut butter. Whoever talks shit on peanut butter is gonna meet Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary.

BUT, we all gotta live in reality, and in almost no reality is an average buck gonna eat the amount of peanut butter they want and not face the repercussions of weight (mostly fat) gain.

And those who are eating peanut butter in the name of protein best get out their reading glasses and get edumucated. 2 tables spoons of jif peanut butter is 190 calories, with the large portion of the macro nutrients coming from fat.

Protein Bars

Protein people actually enjoy these? Or are they concerned that their body will waste away if they don't eat a whole meals worth of calories in minutes on their five minute break in the form of a dry, granola whey bar? I'm actually trying to find the rationale between eating something that's awesome, has plenty of volume, has a great deal of thermic qualities that will keep your body full for a while instead of just munching on a condensed bar of fake sugar and granola crap. I understand the need for convenience, and I have had to recently indulge in such a practice with my aggressive rehearsal schedule. But, it ain't fun, I much prefer foods cooked and prepared rather than packaged.

The only people that really need this stuff are endurance athletes or people who are camping and don't have room in their bag for real food or a kitchen to prepare it in. But even then, I'd rather reach for a snickers.

"But Ol' Yeargain, I need proteeeeiiiin!!!"

No, you need calories while hiking, biking, long distance running so you can fill up your glycogen and fat stores so your body doesn't tap into muscle for energy. Snickers are full of them, especially in the fat and carbs department. But then again, if you're not lifting weights, you're sending yourself into the oh so glamorous land of skinny fat.

Milk and Protein Shakes

Both of these substances when used by the right people are actually very beneficial tools, but the assumption that you need both of these is just ASSumption.

Some of you guys don't even lift. And I don't mean that to be as d-baggy as it sounds, but it's the honest truth. additional protein consumption without the breaking down of muscle is basically an incomplete equation. If you want to justify additional protein, lift some heavy weights, push yourself, and allow your body to do what it was born to do. Adapt! But, if you're drinking a protein shake in the name of "health"...well, that's just silly. Just because it isn't chocolate milk but tastes like it doesn't mean you're giving your body what it wants or needs, especially if you're supplementing your meals already with a protein shake and not lifting weights. That's like the classic drinking a slim fast WITH your meal mistake.

A lot of people are sensitive to dairy. More than one might expect. And yes, Whey protein is a dairy product and you will see the same side effects that you would from milk if you ingest whey. So, if you're the gonna person who get's the shakes and cramps from eating a bowl of cereal, don't start slamming protein shakes in the name of "health" and improving yourself.


Try to regularly eat  (Not Drink) foods where the volume matches the caloric value, you'll be fuller for longer and thusly more satisfied and less likely to binge because your body thinks it's still starving. 

I'm sure I will add more to this list in the coming days and years, for it grows by the second. The snack epidemic...the snackademic is a real struggle, and it affects us all. US ALL!!!!

Until then, stay vigilant, and...

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.
The Opera Bro


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