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The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Haters and Success

Recently I had my friend Kate take this picture during our day off here at Des Moines Metro Opera.

I looked upon this picture and thought: "This is humorous to me, I'm lookin thick, I'm lookin lean, and how often are you gonna stumble upon a giant Caterpillar while walking back from a pool with a bunch of friends. Fuck it! Why not? Social media away!!!!"

I posted this to Facebook, Twitter and the Instagram (@TheOperaBro.)

I'm no stranger to the selfie game. Ol' Yeargain keeps up his level of play in this realm.

I post a lot of selfies on Twitter and Instagram (@TheOperaBro) as well as my fan page on Facebook, but only every once in a blue moon will I post a shirtless pic on my personal Facebook page. It's mostly because my friends get bored with it and I don't want people to think I'm a total narcissist, but every once in a while people need a reminder that I have narcissistic qualities. I put the top picture as my Facebook profile pic....and...

A Wild Hater appears!

Lol. One of these guys I haven't talked to literally in years. The other is just trollin me, and I actually liked the post. Even then, fuck calf raises. I've loaded up a calf raise machine with shit tons of weight, repped out 30 of them bitches for months. Calves stay the same. So, fuck that exercise. Lunges? Meh, I'd rather hit squats, deads, glute thrusts and glute ham raises. But really, I just found the whole thing humorous, I even had friends come and defend Ol' Yeargain which warmed my heart. But, they didn't need to worry about my feelings or about defending my chicken legs. I got that Clint Eastwood swag downstairs (not talkin about my penis) and I'm okay with it. Plus I'm building up my quads all the time, 4 times a week to be exact.

Pardon the package...

Haters = Success

With any amount of measurable success comes the subsequent judgement, discrimination and yes, some haters. It's the first sign that you're doing something semi remarkable. It's the doubt, aggression, and strong visceral reactions that a person has towards you that means that your actions have power over them, even in some small meaningless way (ie, saying something negative to you even when they haven't said a word to you in years. Again: lol.)

I've seen this in myself! I've found myself looking at people who have obtained goals that I'd like and then immediately search for the flaws, the things that prove that person is lucky, worse off than me, or not as good as me, or just plain human. We look at the flaws of others to legitimize our decisions, to rationalize our choices, to give our credos credibility.

"He must just have great genetics."

"He uses drugs to get that physique."

"I could do that if I had the time he does to just workout."


Everybody can get a great body. You don't need drugs to get a great body, and even if you used them it doesn't mean you'd see those kinds of results. And finally, You have more than enough time to get fantastic results, you just chose to do other things with your time.

I've had these thoughts, these envious, stupid ramblings that make me look like an asshole. It comes from jealousy and ignorance, self doubt, and assumption. I assume I can't do some of the things that they've done and I try to make myself feel superior in some shape, way or form. But, in the end, my negativity just makes me feel more doubtful of my own abilities and I've gained nothing from such a practice.

Frankly, that people feel the need to go out of their way to put me down in even some small manner is immensely flattering. It makes me think that one day I'll have haters on a global scale. All the greats in the realm of entertainment and fitness have haters. Some examples:

Hugh Jackman

My chicken legged brother!!!
Jackman is the man, and he set the fuckin standard for getting into incredible shape and conditioning for his performance as Wolverine. (Something that great performers like Christian Bale and Robert DeNiro have also done with pizazz.) But, god forbid a guy have some shit genetics when it comes to calf size. The dude added shit tons of muscle while cutting his body fat down to 6% in the matter of months after dieting down to a very small frame for his performance in Les Mis as Jean Valjean. The dude is a baddass. His routine was aggressive, but smart, and he implemented lots of different techniques that I've found to be incredibly beneficial to my own weight loss and training including intermittent fasting, heavy compound movements, and periodized lifting protocols. AND, he did this at the age of 44 for a super hero movie. That's dedication to ones craft. Fuck haters, and Fuck the internet.

Mike O' Hearn

Is he natural?

That's the question everybody always asks when the subject of Mike O' Hearn is brought up in fitness circles. Is he on the juice, the drugs, testosterone, performance enhancing drugs? Well, ya know, maybe, probably, almost everyone on that level of performance is. BUT, so are a lot of mother fuckers, but they don't look like Mike, and they sure as hell don't lift as hard or as heavy as this beast. Regardless if he uses drugs, he puts in the work, the hours, the time, and he does so with a smile on his face. He oozes positivity in his media persona, and now he's on T.V., he guest poses year round, and he's doing more and more movies. People think that they can just take a little red pill, one quick shot in the ass of some growth hormone and all of a sudden they look like a god and lift the world on their shoulders like atlas. Foolhardy mortals. Magic only exists in movies and fantasy novels.

Layne Norton

Is HE natural?

This guy recently took a lot of heat in the YouTube world. He was accused of using steroids to achieve his results even though he's a pro natural body builder in a tested federation. Which, doesn't mean he is or isn't natural. (Side note: For an in depth look at this concept, check out THIS video by Eric Helms and make up your own mind. Mind you, it's rather lengthy. Non nerds need not listen or watch.) However, If you can't admire this mans work ethic, training intensity, and what he's done for the fitness industry (even if you don't agree with his work or theories, he's at least researched and educated in the field and putting the questions out there for our judgement and peer review.) The fucker is strong, he's been in contest level shreddedness, he's a big believer in minimizing the amount of psychological and physical damage done to people who are competing or incorporating body building techniques to get into incredibly low levels of body fat. And, he's done a lot as far as popularizing the theories of IIFYM (if it fits in macros) that have given so many people a means to obtain their physique goals, no matter how big or small, while maintaining something resembling a normal dietary life. Regardless if this man is on the juice, he's earned my respect in every way shape and form.

What to take away?

If people behave negatively towards you, it probably means that they are 'mirin a bit. Haters gonna hate. No need to flip your shit over it. There will always be people who are bigger and stronger than you, and there are always going to be people that are smaller and weaker than you. Your goal shouldn't be to be the biggest baddest mutha fucker, it should be to be the best version of yourself that you'd like to be. I'm not a finished product, not even close, but the fuck if I'll live to someone else's standards. I set my path. In fact, I owe a lot to those who go out of their way to say negative things to me. So hate on, haters. You just create fodder for my blog and fuel my passion for fitness and writing.

Until next time, Hate on you forever alones, and as always...

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing it.

The Opera Bro


Getting emails like this make me charged up about obtaining my goals and sharing my journey with you awesome people. Even more than the haters. Love you guys, and thanks for the kind words, friend! 

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