The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Full Body


Flat Bench
185 3x6, 2x5

Reverse Grip Bent Over Row
200 4x8

Pause squats
185 5x6

315 2x6 (huge break in between the sets. All the accessory work)

Skull Crushers
90lbs 3x8

Bicep Curl
105 2x8 

Face Pulls
177.5 x 15


  1. You likka the weights under the heels on a the squats??

    1. I've got long leg bones and it's hard to get past parallel without squat shoes. I'm broke, so I use the 10lb plates to help me rock that past parallel life.

  2. Maybe this is one area that my 27" inseam helps? For a while my friend was putting a mat under our heels. I couldn't stand it. Then my squishy tennis shoes seemed to bother me. Finally I took my shoes off and that was my favorite. Otherwise, I can't push with my heel, its all ball. Is that weird? Am I broken!?! LOL

    1. If a person can squat below parelell without squat shoes or having to use plates like Ol' Yeargain, they are well equipped with both the ankle flexibility and proportions naturally necessary for this to happen. They are geneticallly blessed in this realm, and thus have a higher chance of squatting some serious weight. Smaller range of motion is king in weight lifting.