The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Sunday, August 31, 2014



People think that you can sculpt yourself like you would clay, or like a foolish child squeezes play-doh through their fingers, piecing things together.

Somethin out of nothin.

They think that a couple of push ups and sit ups with the occasional protein shake will get you there. Take you to where you want to be...or at least good enough.

They think that change is unnatural, that wanting to be something different than what you fell into is a strange endeavor

...but they wouldn't know what it meant to change yourself.
To make your dreams appear  in the mirror.
To tear yourself down and rebuild.

They don't understand what it feels like to tie the shoe laces of your chuck taylors every morning and feel like a soldier, a man on a mission, to have a purpose to your action.
To start off saying "No, Thank You" One day, feeling deprived, then suddenly realizing you never wanted it in the first place.
To tear open your hand, sprang your ankle, bruise your forearm and wonder how you're going to work around it.
To even forget what it means to make an excuse, to laugh at the idea of what you did before.

You're hungry for it, you're stupid, you're obsessed, you're in love. You're left with the task of explaining yourself, rationalizing, only to end up thinking "fuck it." You're in this game with one life, no reruns, no obnoxious video game metaphors. You're here to drive the vessel of your making.

You scratch and crawl for every achievement, tipping the scale back and forward, an ounce of fat there, A pound of muscle there, your achievement comes at cost, The stretch on your time is starting to look reasonable compared to your grocery bill. 

And you're worried about people? You've left civilization a long time ago. A person doesn't beat themselves up every morning then come back for more. People don't understand you because you're not one of them.

They don't know your words, your language, or that you work today to have that tomorrow that they want 30 mins from now.

No, what they don't understand is it doesn't matter what you want for the future if you don't do it today, that it's not when or where you start it's where you end up.

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