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The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Everybody is an Expert...

There are a lot of people who are experts. And I just so happen to be an expert on experts...

Name that reference...

Fitness, health, being strong and being lean, in shape, sexy lookin or whatever, people think that it requires expertise. The more I delve into this journey, this business, the more I find that it's not expertise, it's lack of stupid.

I've been spending a lot of time in a traditional commercial gym scenario the past few weeks, and it's always funny to hear from all the "experts" that come in and out the doors. "This gets you results! This makes you stronger! This gets you leaner! Take this! Do that!" That's when I take a step back and wonder, "where are your results?" Why spend so much time and energy on being an expert if you're not going to utilize the information you've acquired? 

Now, before you get all butt hurt and assume I'm calling YOU stupid, let me state the case at hand. 

People wonder why their weight loss, muscle gaining, "toning" adventures fail or don't stick. I meet with people all the time that say "I Used to be fit, I used to be skinny, I used to be able to blank, blank, or blank." Then (Insert excuse.) Work, children, this came up, this happened. My argument is that if you can't replicate what you're doing for an extended period of time, you're on a road to failure.

I'm not super into the "Die by the iron" that a lot of muscle heads love to chant and scream as they tear apart their bodies, but I think people let themselves be lazy or at the least lackadaisical about their fitness. But what usually happens is that both of these groups end up in the same place. One fat from inactivity, the other broken, beaten and sore from the hour of stupid they put themselves through only to sit and stew in the fucked up macro imbalanced pot of inefficiency they've brewed up on their coach, sipping on their shitty protein shake they think will help them recover. Both will bounce in and out of the gym the rest of their lives, both will look like shit for 80% of it. 

Getting In Shape

Almost every time I hear someone saying "I'm gonna start working out and eating right!" I usually think (no you're not) or (here it comes) and then they proceed to give me the laundry list of things they are going to do at the gym. "Chest day! Leg press to failure! Burn out the tris! Super-set every set! Run three miles! Eat only greens and chicken titties!" By this point I've walked away because I'm afraid they have a mean case of stupid and I fear it might be contagious. 

Here's a truth bomb: 

The most successful Diet and Workout Program is one that is the least different from your everyday life. One that you can slowly progress, and one that you can easily ween yourself off of and keep your results YEAR ROUND!

Here is an Ol' Yeargain list of stupid...

This list isn't complete, nor is it some kind of commandment, every set of rules has exceptions.
  • Anything involving a yoga and or bosu ball...
  • Any program that doesn't have you doing some variation of weighted squat (injury being an exception.)
  • Immediately Dropping your calories by half.
  • Any diet that demonizes a macro nutrient.
  • Any diet that teaches fear of fruit
  • Going from 0-100000 in any manner.
  • Repetition for the sake of repetition.
  • Muscle confusion.
  • Variety for the sake of variety.

Baptize the Stupid out of yourself.

I have lost 110lbs and kept it off for well over a year and developed a pretty damn good physique with the simple key of consistency. How did I acquire consistency? by slowly baptizing the stupid out of my training and nutrition.

I admittedly have done a lot of stupid in regards to working out and diet. It's partly why I'm so understanding of people's misunderstandings. I've been there, done that, felt the crushing pain and I've rebounded from it.

Nutrition Examples:

I used to have a diet that consisted of calorie deprivation with no consistent macro nutrient intake. I would deprive then binge. This left me feeling sick, bloated and incapable of having a six pack. Solution? Baptize the stupid out yo' self. Understanding the concepts of macro nutrients and their role in the body, not depriving myself of any type of food (processed, carb, high fat, fast food) finding ratios and numbers that both satiate and energize without making me feel puffy or sick. Result? Daily six pack, never feeling sick, getting leaner and stronger daily.

Training Examples:

I used to go into the gym and do as many reps and as many sets as possible. This left me feeling broken, tired, weak, and flat. Solution: cut the volume in half, then distribute the remaining volume through the course of the week, with varying rep ranges and weight percentages, undulating multiple variables to get stronger at each of the lifts. Getting rid of excess variety and sticking to the big movers and throwing in a little bull shit here and there. Result? A more balanced physique, less brokenness, getting stronger, leaner, sexier every damn day. 

And frankly, it's not that difficult to keep my progress going the way it is now. I'm not in a crazy calorie surplus or deficit, I'm not buzzing my mind out with pre-workout or any other stimulants, I train fasted in the morning so I'm not doing any kind of nutrient timing bull shit to "optimize" my growth, I'm able to work my four jobs, write blog posts, create YouTube videos, learn music, be in a musical while learning how to start my online training business while progressing my lifts and helping others progress in theirs. I'm not a super hero, but I do kind of look like superman. 


My boss said to me the other day 

"Fitness is at the bottom of people's priority list."

He could not be more correct. It's only important around New Years and the summer, when the shit is already too thick and people have already done too much stupid and made too many excuses for why they...are...or...aren't.

Excuses are the toxic noise you pump into your own veins. My issue isn't usually people coming to the gym, we've got hundreds of yolos bouncing in and out of these facilities every day by the millions, it's what they do in the gym. Excuses are usually a big red flag of "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing and I haven't the interest or patience to learn." Knowing specifics and having confidence that your programming is getting you results is usually the only determination a person needs if they are actually interested in change. 

It's easy for me to be turned off with a client. "I can't because of (blank)" bugs me much more than "I have this problem, how can I continue to progress?"


The Big Three Excuses are as follows:


I've hurt myself more than once. Why? Because it has taken me a while to baptize the amount of stupid in my own programming, and I plan on doing even more come to Jesus moments with myself in the coming months. But each time I hurt myself, I didn't quit, I worked around my injury to progress. And I learned from it. It took me two rounds of wrecking my lower back with high bar squatting to learn that I didn't have the mobility, ankle flexibility or necessary equipment to do an ass to grass high bar squat without excessive lower lumbar flexion. Solution? Shit tons of front squats, and the adaptation of the low bar squat, even squatting above parallel until I have money for a solid elevated heel Olympic shoe. Work with what you got.

  • One of my clients recently fractured both of his ankles. I've adjusted his training so that he can get the most out of his training without put any weight on his feet. It's required me to be creative, aggressive, and demanding. He's responding in spades. Fuck Feet. 
  • My Father has a torn rotator cuff and won't be able to have surgery to repair it for a while. I've made him a program that is working his whole body, but isn't aggravating his injury.
  • I've had another client who has lower back aggravations that flare up. We adjust accordingly. He still deadlifts and squats.

The take away? You can work around a lot of shit.


I can't make going to a gym less inconvenient, but I can sure as fuck make the time you spend in there the most efficient as humanely possible. 30 minutes on the right program will dominate even my dumb ass hour long 5 times a week workouts. And I'm not talking about P-90X, I'm talking about real high intensity training. I'm not about to give away secrets or training tips, seeing that's how I make my money nowadays. Most of us waste shit tons of time texting in between sets, talking with your yolo brothers, trying to catch that last bit of the ESPN highlights. Your workouts probably suck. The above client is able to complete his workouts which are extremely aggressive in twenty minutes. And he is seeing gainz. Muscle gainz and fat loss gainz. Is it my favorite program to run? Hell no. But, it gets the job done.


Gyms aren't that expensive. And even then, you can find a means to get yourself into some sort of fitness facility. Most places have flexible rates, some have scholarships, you can find yourself a pretty cheap place to toss around some weights. If you're in school, you're already paying for a gym membership. Just do the minimum amount of research required and you can find yourself a gainz factory.

I fucking hate planet fitness. I hate it, but like I mentioned before, I have a client who only has access to a planet fitness and he's making hella progress.

Finishing it up...

Until Next time, don't be an expert, just baptize the stupid. Cut the shit and cut the excuses, and as always...

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro

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