The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Crossed Swords

I get a lot of comments and concerns about how lifting could potentially affect a persons singing. People are perpetually trying to convince me that doing dead lifts or squats is going to paralyze them and leave them voiceless like that little mermaid chick.

To address this briefly, I'll bring up the words of Mark Rippetoe, who has discussed the importance of strength training in his numerous editions of Starting Strength. In a podcast he addressed the issue of injury and stated that the majority (meaning almost of all with the occasional fluke) of injuries occur OUTSIDE of the gym. 

Why is this? 

Because within the gym we control the weight, the bar path, it's center of gravity over the middle of our feet, and we have safety mechanisms that allow us to "dump" the weight if we over reach our current level of performance. Where outside the gym we're asked to perform tasks at random that require us do all sorts of twisting, turning, lifting, the weight dispersed on all sorts of awkward muscular paths. Sports injuries are fairly common not because of weight bearing, but because of the angular paths required by improvised movements that are in direct conflict with natural movements.

So, having said that, my singing has gotten in the way of my training infinitely more often than the other way around. Lifting has only enhanced my singing. It's improved my physique, my stamina, and my breathing and singing musculature. However, I've had to either adjust training sessions to better fit rehearsal schedules, gotten less sleep due to lengthy note sessions, and have had to play yolo with my nutrition because of donor dinners, small meal breaks between rehearsals, and the lack of a meal prepping station (kitchen.)

This morning I woke up with by far the sorest lower back I've had to date. I believe it's partly due to the amount of driving I've been doing the past few weeks, but also because of the amount of body contortions required from dance numbers, random people lifting, and the body contortions that pop up during a staging, rehearsal and performance process.

1920's Boss Swag

The cure for my woes? Skipping the gym? Fuck that. I went into the gym today, worked past the soreness, made some gainz, lifted some heavy weights and stabbed some Grizzlies in the throat.

And just like that, my back feels better. Blood flow, the nutrient delivery system designed by the good lord, and the primary means of recovery being forced into those torn up body parts. I broke some PR's and now I can walk around, head held high, feelin damn good. 

Lift big, sing big, look great doing it.

The opera bro

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