The Contrast

The Contrast
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lion Killers and the weak

To be a person that continuously attacks the weights, chomps down on heaps of protein, finds ways to be stronger, cuts out the inefficiency, strives to be the cream that rises to the top. Giving fate the finger and defying the stars that were set in front of you. These are the usual traits associated with lion killers. Shark fisherman, dragon slayers.

Why? Because the every day grind is killing the beast. 

You can't just wake up, pick up your spear and head to the nearest lions den. You've got to learn how it moves, where it sleeps, how it feeds. You've got to love the lion, become the lion, then you can spill it's blood and release its spirit in the manner it deserves.

Do I speak too dramatically? Then why are so many people begging for results and throwing money at the quick fix? "Shut up and take my money!" they scream! Whether it's with words or actions, people want the skin, but they're not willing to stalk and hunt the prey. 

To talk more about this would be doing the lions and their killers a disservice. Those who live that life and stalk that prey understand the grind. My job is to walk the paths and find those who want the lions hide but don't know how to craft their spears or set their traps. My price is a pound of flesh and trust, but our reward is the skin, blood and bones of monsters. 

Dance the dance, Warriors.

The Opera Bro

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