The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Perspective and Givin' Fucks

As some of you may know, Ol' Yeargain was featured in this years Barihunks calendar, and subsequently nominated for Sexiest submission.

Drum roll...

I won!

In all honesty, I'm very pleased. Not so much from winning, but the fact that people were so supportive about it. I had a lot of friends campaigning for me. Sharing my picture all over their news feeds on Facebook, Twitter feeds, telling their family and friends, posting it on groups and forums. I had lots of people come up to me and tell me in person that they were rooting for me and had voted. Even my alma mater posted about it! The whole cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie cheered when I told them I had won (which they asked about, I didn't volunteer the information readily.) It was actually quite a relief...


To say I was a little nervous about making that photo and subsequently sharing it is putting it lightly. I had to approach the whole thing with a lot of self manufactured confidence in the concept, the actual making of the photo and obviously, my body. 

I even wrote a brief blog post about the ordeal in preparation for potential haters. But even then, I didn't have any brave trolls speak up in response. I'm sure there were plenty of secret haters, but nothing you can do about that.

But wait, there is more...

Barihunks is good to Ol' Yeargain. They posted about my birthday and even did a mini feature about my performances in Thoroughly Modern Millie. They are actually responsible for the incarnation of The Opera Bro you see before you today, not just because of the inspiration of others they had posted before on the sight, but also because their initial introduction of me on their site spurned dozens of emails into my inbox. The writing bug took a hold of me and ever since then I've been making this blog an informative platform for all interested in making a transformation. 

But I digress...on the recent feature, I saw this comment posted.

Frankly, comments like this don't really bug me all that much (at least not anymore), but I do feel like it brings up a point to be discussed. 

I've talked on numerous occasions about how changing the way you look should never be about someone else. If a transformation is to be even remotely successfully you have to want it for yourself. Not to score chicks, not to get roles, not to be more marketable, but because you don't like the manifestation of your physical form and you want to live in a body that you like. My goals in life are to lift big, sing big, look great doing it and to help those that want the same for themselves. 

The above comment implies that I give a fuck about how you feel about my appearance regardless of how I choose to show it. I don't wake up every morning before the sun rises to lift some heavy ass weights for anyone but myself. I live a privileged enough life where I have the means to train and eat in a manner that allows me to exist in the body I want and to actually chase beyond those boundaries. If I had to do this for anyone else other than myself I would have stopped months ago.

This morning I made a calculated risk to get to the gym on some reaaaall shitty road conditions.

Fuck Old Man Winter.

Again. Why? Because I fuckin love training. I love eating a bunch of protein, and I love working and crafting my body to look the way I want. Call me narcissistic or a control freak, or whatever name makes you feel okay with not lifting weights, but it's a drug for Ol' Yeargain, and I ain't kickin' shit.

Until next time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro

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