The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I love programming. Specifically diet and training programming. It's like a puzzle that's presented to you all broken apart in a shitty cardboard box. I pick through the lot of it, find the foundational pieces and start filling in the gaps. Except at the end of this puzzle isn't a picture of a basket of kittens or a scenic view of Paris, it's a boarding pass to GAINZville, Florida with your pet lizard, GAINZilla.

I'm by no means a master, but my prices for my programming don't reflect a master. However, they do achieve results. Leaner, stronger results.

For my clients I have their programming planned out for weeks in advance and even have plans and anticipations for possible adjustments they might have. It's all in the same place, I know exactly where to find it. I owe it to them to keep it as such. 

However, the programming I do for myself? 

It's all over the place. Notes on my phone, my computer, my blog, emails, my google drive. Every time I plan my next training session I have to consult several different sources. However, I'm still getting results from my programming. Ol' Yeargain is STILL making Yeargainz. 

But this begs the question, will I continue to do my own programming?

My thoughts are this. Don't fix what ain't broken. My current knowledge and understanding of training is allowing me to progress in my lifts, keep me relatively lean and not affecting my singing. Why should I jump ship? By my definition, I'm lifting big, singing big and looking great doing it. When this stops being so I will either adapt my training, my lifestyle, or seek guidance from others with superior knowledge. That being said, my knowledge of training grows daily due to my insatiable curiosity and my time spent in the car listening to experts in the training and lifting world talk about their crafts via podcasts, interviews, YouTube videos, and unbiased explanations of recent nutritional discoveries. My exposure to information vastly outweighs my experience and as the gap is closed, my knowledge will reflect my strength and physical development. But until that time I practice patience, consistency and curiosity on the daily. 

Until next time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and look Great Doing it.

The Opera Bro

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