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The Contrast
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Protein Woes

The majority of my clients when first starting out share a very common woe. The protein requirements of my diet aren't astronomical, however, they are by far much higher than what the average person consumes on a daily basis. One of the concerns is how they can actually ingest that much protein, and the other is generally how much it costs. I've written out the following information dozens of times before in various emails and messages, so I figured I should just streamline it, which I finally did in the form of a PDF. But, since I've found myself with a little extra writing time as of recent, I figured I would share this info on the Ol' Blog.

The protein conundrum is fairly common. Most people don't actually know what kinds of foods contain substantial amounts of protein and almost always reach for the general whey protein, protein bars and chicken breast. All three of these contain protein in varying degrees. However, to ingest all of your daily protein needs from these three things would actually be much more expensive than ingesting it from food sources. Especially if the whey protein is of any sort of quality (especially in the taste department.)

People then reach to meat to fill in the gap, which is great, animal flesh has the ideal amino profile. However, this can be fairly aggressive on the Ol' pocket book, which for some of my clients is a concern. 

So, I show yous a chart... 

Cheap Protein

Here are some cheap, protein packed foods to help you reach your goals!    Protein Content

Egg Whites at walmart 3$ 5 grams, 20 servings per container                        100g

Greek Yogurt at walmart 4$ 23 grams, 4 servings per container                      92g

Fat free cottage cheese at walmart 3$ 14 grams, 6 servings per container     84g

3lbs of frozen chicken breast 7$ 20 grams, 12 servings per container             240g

Can of Tuna 1$ 26grams per can                                                                      26g

Sardines 1$ 19 grams per container                                                                19g

Eggs 1$ for 6 eggs 36 grams for 6 eggs                                                          36g

Lentils 1.50 for 16oz 10 grams for 35 grams, 12 servings per container         120g       

Kidney Beans 1$ for 16 oz, 7 grams for 130 grams. 3 ½ per container           25g

These are fairly cheap whole food sources that are Macro nutrient dense, and generally pretty tasty regardless of how you prepare them, at least in my opinion. It ain't shark fin or lion meat, but these will suffice as hunting sustenance for the time being.

This isn't the last I'll talk about protein, in future posts I'll talk about ways to maximize the volume of your meals with protein powders, but until then...

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro

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