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The Contrast
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Tactics and Holiday Thoughts

Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite holidays. Why? Food. I grew up a very very hungry hippo and I'm still a foodie at heart. I've learned to not gorge myself to the point of illness, but I'm still enjoying foods. Here are a few tactics I've learned on my travels.

Method 1.) - Guided YOLO

This is the preferred method and the one I generally prescribe to my clients (depending on their personality.) It allows for freedom with the mindset of keeping yourself just enough in check to not throw your progress completely under the bus, set yourself back a few weeks, and feel like crap.

In the hierarchy of importance in general feasting and not looking like a monster afterwards, the order is as follows:

1.) Protein
2.) Alcohol
3.) Carbs
4.) Fats
5.) Treats

That means at first, reach for the turkey, spirits and wine. Hold off on the beer and fruity boozes.

Then, reach for the carbs and fats. The rolls, the stuffings, the fattier meats, some of that mutha fuckin heaaavenly hash.

Then, if you're not stuffed to the gills or completely satisfied by now, get yoself some pie. Preferably pecan. Good shit.

Method 2.) - Do it Yourself

This Thanksgiving I'm trying out something new. I'm not a football guy, I don't really give a damn about sports. So, this holiday, I'm trying my hand at cooking. This, while allowing me to try and enjoy the holiday in a different way then years past, also is allowing me to keep track of the macros I'm using in the dishes, maybe sneak in some alternatives to get more bang for my buck in terms of macro/calorie content to volume ratio, and therefore, be a little bit more informed nutritionally and be able to fit in those awesome leftovers into my macros for days to come. I'm still playing a little yolo and getting a decent enough workout in the morning of, but I'm generally keeping it pretty close to the cuff.

Meet my carby butter filled children.

Method 3.) Create the Buffer

For those of us who cannot help but destroy the feast of thanks, this is probably the tactic that should be employed. If you're a bottomless pit like Ol' Yeargain and you can stomach thousands of calories, you can honestly set yourself back weeks with this, but if you don't give annnny fucks. Try this one out.

This one requires preparation. The week of the holiday, prepare yourself by cutting back on your calories throughout the week, specifically in the macro nutrient that you want to destroy. For me, it's dietary fat, for others it's carbs. Work extra hard at the gym, do a little bit more cardio, deplete your body, more or less store up a sweat bank that you will pay back in dividends on the holiday. Then, let loose the dogs of war.

Holiday Thoughts

There has been a great deal of turmoil the past week in the world. I don't pay much attention to worldly news, but when my social media feed is saturated with certain events, it's clear that some things are happening and are of significance. To the best of my knowledge, a kid and a cop got into an altercation, and the kid was killed because of the incident. This issue is fraught with tones of racism and due to the verdict, things became heated and rioting occurred. People damning and supporting the verdict or the uproar associated with it are making their voices heard with a few types on a keyboard. I keep my mouth shut on the subject and watch the event from a passive stance, not knowing the facts and just trying to understand the hurt and anger. I'm not in a position to take sides, so I just won't. Don't ask me my opinion, you won't get it.

I'm not gonna sit on here and say that people should put aside their swords and reach for the hand of their brother/sisters and come together, because people interested in fighting for their beliefs aren't wanting to hear my spin on it. I am, however, going to cook for my family, think about what we've done this past year, what we've overcome and how much we've grown.

Tis' the time for reflection and preparation for a hard winter. This past year was immense for me in terms of personal development. I've done a lot of small steps towards building my future. Started my business, started pursuing musical theater, got leaner, stronger, developed a craft and obtained a bucket full of rep I adore. Like a chipmunk I'm storing up my treasures and preparing for something big. I don't know what it is yet, but I'll know it when it's here.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving...and as always...

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro

Happy Holidays from the streets.

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