The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ol' Yeargain V.S. Dude Bro

Don't get me wrong, I'm a self proclaimed bro scientist.

But these dude bros...dese guys, they just don't even know...OR, they're trying to get your money. Neither is good.

The supplement industry is full of bastards and snake oil salesmen. Not to say that all people who sell supplements are bad people and that all supplement companies are evil, but within their ranks are many many shades of grey. They're a business, and although they are set within the parameters of "health", they aren't necessarily in the game to make you healthy, they're in the game to obtain your money.

Today I went to GNC to get some Yohimbine. It's a supplement that I've been using for a while, mostly during my days of gettin lean, but it's stayed within my daily intake. It goes well with my morning caffeine intake and has some research that it's beneficial for fat loss in a fasted state. Some supplements contain yohimbine in it along with beta alanine, creatine, arginine, niacin...a lot of sciency sounding things that are more or less stuff that gives you a pretty decent buzz and help slightly increase gym performance. I don't particularly like the whole super buzzed feel first thing in the morning, but I like how I feel on yohimbine. For me, the slight boost of energy is nice, and the theoretical fat loss is a gamble but a potential plus.

Yohimbine is one of the few things where I'll occasionally go to a GNC to get, where most of the time I'll order it online or swing by a local discount supplement shop. I don't like going to GNC. Why? Because without fail, I will come across a dude bro trying to sell me something I do not want and especially do not need.

Today's sell? Test Boosters!

I asked where the Yohimbine was because there is about 1,000 bottles in that damn place and because of the "male enhancement" qualities (minor test boosting) he made the assumption that I was there to get my daily dose of huge and try to get my own over the counter steroid replacement. Dude bro attempted to sell me on his favorite brand of pre-workout/test booster that of course contains yohimbine, creatine, caffeine and D-Aspartic Acid. In his words I would "See the strength gains first, then the mass gain would follow."

I remembered hearing something about D-Aspartic Acid online here and there and it took me less than a minute of basic research before finding out that the studies done with D-Aspartic Acid showed no significance increase in lean muscle mass. And even if the anecdote that this young Dude bro was excited about sharing had any validity, more than likely he was seeing benefits from increased energy and awareness due to caffeine, an increase in ATP due to the creatine and a hefty dose of PLACEBO!!!

So, basically, not only is this dude bro a shill, he's also kind of an idiot. OR, he's a clever salesman that I assumed I didn't know why I was in that store to begin with? You decide...

The truth is if you want to see strength and muscle gains, put yourself in a nice caloric surplus, get shit tons of sleep, and lift some weights and progressively make yourself lift heavier weights. Rinse repeat. Now, getting stronger and not getting hella fat, staying lean, getting leaner, and having a practical program is a bit more scientific and requires a little bit more research or a trainer/online coach (Hire ya boy, Ol' Yeargain - Email me at You're not going to find any kind of magic at a supplement shop. You might find some neat stuff, some tasty means to get your protein requirements, or a tasty brand of Branch Chain Amino Acids, BUT, you won't find immediate success in pill form.

When discussing supplementation with my clients, I rarely suggest that they do anything outside of the standards: Whey, BCCA's (for my clients who fast), creatine, etc. If they have spare cash and want to indulge in other things, I'll give my honest opinions and look up any research available so we're equally educated on the potential consequences. But really, training smart, progress overload, sound nutrition and ample amounts of sleep get the job done, everything else is just indulgence in a hobby.

Until next time, don't let those tight fitting polo's fool you, most of the GNC bros don't even lift. HOLLA! And as always...

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro


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