The Contrast

The Contrast
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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Amnesia Pill

One of my favorite natural pro bodybuilders is Alberto Nunez. He's got a pretty decent following on social media and I've heard numerous interviews with him. The big thing that he and his teammates at 3DMJ always talk about is finding balance in life, especially when preparing for a bodybuilding show. When shit gets rough in the long stretch of dieting and training, you're probably developing some real negative feelings towards the journey. That's generally when Alberto recommends you...

"Take that amnesia pill."

There are times when things are going well. You're losing weight or you're putting more weight on the bar, sometimes both. You're looking your best. Your energy is through the roof. You're loving life, the journey, you're preaching the good word, being that disciple of iron and walking around with a big ass smile. Like McDonalds, you're lovin' it.

But then again...

There are times...moments, days, weeks, years where you're putting in that work, grinding that axe and you're feeling like hell. You look like hell. Your energy is bottomed out flat. Everyday feels like a struggle. Your hands hurt, your knees ache, that elbow keeps popping. It's cold outside, you're shaking from the moment you step outside all the way till you're halfway through your 5th exercise.

I've had times like this. It's been a while when I've had long stretches of time of this misery. But on those days when I've been in 10+ hours of rehearsal, barely have time to get my food in, but I'm still getting the gym every morning, early, beating the sun. Does it suck? Fuuuuckkkk yeah. I'd much rather sit down, eat a stack of brownies and play video games.

It's time like this where you've got to pop that amnesia pill. Forget about all the crap you've experienced before, regroup and attack the week with renewed vigor. If you walk into this next weeks training block with all the crap hanging over from the ghost memories, you're going to probably have another long string of shitty workouts and low energy days. I'd say be positive, but when I'm feeling shitty, the most I can usually shoot for is feeling completely neutral. Which, I'm fine with.

But this doesn't just apply to training. This can apply to all parts of your life. I've had shitty rehearsals, shitty lessons, shitty days at work, horrible fights with loved ones, very uncomfortable conversations that have made me feel like dirt...many things in your life can benefit from a reset button or popping a couple of amnesia pills. 

I didn't mean literally, House.

I don't think it's a terrible idea to keep away from things that torture the mind and soul, but in the end, you gotta get things done. You gotta make money, train hard, and live in the same reality we all do. So, when shit gets rough, try popping some amnesia pills and starting from scratch.

Dammit, House! It's a metaphor!!!

Until next time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro

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