The Contrast

The Contrast
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Your food doesn't care about you...

People like to have enemies. They like to know who is good and who is bad. But life isn't a game of cops and robbers, nothing is so black and white, it's all shades of grey...but not 50 shades of grey.

The other day I ran across THIS article that was more or less a media stunt to show which one is worse for you: Fat or Sugar. (It should have been called Dietary Fat vs. Carbs)

Two brothers (twins, both doctors) decided to take on an experiment to see which diet was worse for you. Turns out both suck, but a heavy carbohydrates based diet will at least increase performance mentally and physically. (No shit, glucose is our body and our brains preferred source of energy.)

The premise seemed interesting enough, although this kind of information seemed pretty basic to me and figured that people with serious degrees should know that the outcome would be nothing short of obvious misery.

I had heard this before from other medical professionals, and having gone to a doctor or two that didn't really seem to know how to manage their weight I knew there were some doctors who didn't really have a clue about nutrition. Which is very sad since we place a great deal of faith in our doctors in regards to our health. But what people fail to mention is that doctors are taught to memorize algorithms and equations that quickly deduce what the one solution is out of the nearly infinite causes of your medical woes. This plus this plus this equals this. Where nutrition and the resistance based training it benefits is much more experimental. "Let's try doing this after doing this and see what happens!" Fitness and diet has much more luxury in this area, because if a person is in agony, they're not willing to be a test tube for your theories, whereas most diets and training programs work, but some just work better than other.

By the end of the experiment the doctor brothers discovered what basically every rational nutrition based professional should know: the most effective diet is the one that is most sustainable, the one that doesn't completely alter your life and lifestyle and require you to demonize a macro nutrient. 

And at first I had read the article and thought "Hey, what a well drawn conclusion!" Then I read their conclusion that more or less demonized processed food and I couldn't help but shake my head. Somehow they had missed the forest for the trees...

The Real lesson to be learned from this..

Your Food Doesn't Care About You

There is no such thing as good and evil in the world of food. 

What if I told you that the only enemy you have in regards to being in shape and being healthy is you? Your enemy is you. You eating in excess and not utilizing the god given muscles fastened to your frame. It's not the highly processed food, it's not the McDonald's down the street, it's not because evil corporations are manipulating my mind via the Boob Tube.

Your almighty Whole Foods, clean eating, gluten hating (sorry my friends with Celiac related gluten intolerance's) have just as much to do with your weight issues as your occasional indulgences. You can't solve all of your fitness woes by paying three times as much for your groceries. In fact it will just send you to the dollar menu when you have to choose between your rent and "eating a healthy diet."

Don't give the food you put into your mouth more power than it deserves. There is no single food group, macro nutrient, or compound that throws on a cape and lurks in the night, waiting for when you're not looking to latch itself onto your hips and form love handles. In the end it's all calories that we use for energy and then turn into shit. 

Bat Kasey is still looking for that evil Macro...

Everything is a chemical.

Everything is composed of chemicals, the world is chemistry. Just look at all the chemicals that are in these Blueberries!!!!

Everything is Toxic in the right dose.

Dr. Kavorkian killed (some of) his victims with a concentrated dose of potassium. POTASSIUM! The shit in your bananas and potatoes that people praise! Yes, enough of it can KILL you. That doesn't mean you need to stop eating potatoes or bananas, in fact, most individuals should actually eat more of them.

"A needle was inserted into the arm and the flow of harmless saline started. After a switch was tripped, the solution of sedatives was to begin, followed automatically by a paralyzing agent and potassium chloride which was to result in heart slippage and death. (46) (The heart was monitored by cardiography electrodes on the victim’s arms and legs.)(47)"

If you want a more thorough discussion on this topic, I suggest you watch this video where Dr. Layne Norton talks about the word "Toxic." 

Some Highlights from this video:

- People love to say "Sugar is toxic." And yes, yes it the right dose. The "lethal dose" of sugar is 400 grams of sugar in ONE SITTING. And 1/3rd of that is considered the "lethal dose" of Vitamin C. Something that is often considered "good for you" and prescribed in excess.

- You can drink enough water to delude your electrolytes where it will kill you. In fact you're more likely to delude your body with the water contained in diet beverages than you are to experience a form of toxicity by the artificial sweeteners.


I'm not here to preach about "moderation" because I feel that it's really quite obvious at this point. We're all adults and we know that we can let a great deal of things that give us pleasure take a hold of our lives if we don't exercise self control. Sex, drugs, even weight training. Be an adult and understand that you live in the manifestation of your choices, everything else is just an excuse.

Until Next time, eat some fruit, get some protein, and as always...

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro

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