The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy Blogaversary

1 year ago I began this blog with the idea of tracking my progress and sharing information I had learned during my several months of fat loss. 

After sharing my transformation story on a private Facebook group for opera singers who like to workout, I was soon featured on the website Barihunks and subsequently flooded with questions on how to lose weight/gain muscle and strength. 

I had known for a while that there was a lot of misinformation in the fitness world, but It was clear that there was even more in regards to nutrition. This combined with the stigma of weight loss and strength training in the world of singing inspired me to take to the keyboard. 

They often say that people who are into fitness are not just enthusiasts, but are disciples. I had become a disciple of iron and I wanted to share the message with the world. But I was soon to learn that not everybody was interested in being saved, baptized in the blood of barbell and protein. I tried to speak as if I was preaching to the masses only to learn that the masses are content with their lives, and that preaching is for the church.

At first this was a bit demoralizing, but then I remembered that I was once that guy looking across the Internet for answers to my woes. That I was searching for the one voice that could inspire me and educate me in the ways to get the body I wanted, and to live the life I desired. I learned to not plead to the loud masses, but to speak softly to the quiet individuals. The Ol' Yeargains that silently suffered and questioned every step they took. 

How did I do this? Honesty.

I gave the world pure unadulterated Ol' Yeargain. And I didn't do it for money, fame, or status. I did it because it was the last step in my transformation. To fully remove myself from that scared fat kid mentality that caused me to hide everything I ever thought and felt and to bury my woes in a mountain of chocolate chip cookie depression. 

So I stared down my past and laid it out for myself and anyone else to see. I am very fortunate that the response was positive, but frankly, the therapeutic nature of sharing and facing the issues behind my weight was enough for me to keep writing. And write I did. I wrote about fitness, singing, training, and my life. And it was fueled by interest, questions, and my rage against the assumptions that plagued both of my life pursuits. Singing and Training.

So, thank you all for reading. Thank you, blog for giving me a voice. A year after creating you, you're now a part of my everyday life and my livelihood. I owe you more than I could ever express with words.

Until next time...

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro

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