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The Contrast
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pick your holidays

We're very much a pleasure driven society. We're currently engineered to chase after that constant rush of dopamine that surges whenever something pleasurable occurs. We're at a point now where we get a little rush of it every time our phone vibrates. "Oooooo, contact!!!!"

The idea of holidays were created during times when existence was grueling and to live was such an exhausting experience that having a day or time that stood out as significant gave a mental break from the constant push.

Now every day is a freakin' holiday! Here's just some highlights from March:

Here's my issue:

People are searching for reasons to legitimize their behavior, regardless if it's beneficial to their goals or not. We all do it. You, me, everyone. So I understand the "need" for it, I just think that we need to pick and chose our times of indulging in our vices so our life doesn't become that vice.

If weight loss is your goal, you can't have numerous days of unmonitored eating in near succession. Even one cheat day a week can completely stall some people's results.

As we talked about before, we're very much a Pavlovian society. From the days when we're kids and we get a pizza party when we win the softball game to the office mixer to encourage synergy your boss threw last week. We do something, we want a reward. But when people reach adult hood and realize that sometimes just getting up in the morning is tough, we're looking for pretty much any excuse to "Treat Yo'self!"

Again, I don't really care if you like to kick back and celebrate all the time. BUT, if it interferes with your goals of getting a great physique, then you shouldn't feel an obligation to eat a slice of pie or two on Pi day (3.14...although homophones are amusing, I don't see how this means we should eat pie more than any other day.)

And your indulgences shouldn't be extended onto other people. If bagel day is important to you, but don't "shame" me for not practicing in your weird food cult every time it's celebrated. I'll have pie or a bagel, or maybe pizza whenever I feel like it. After all, when pizza is on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime.


Maybe I've become rather masochistic this past year or become obsessed with the work, the grind, and purposely "suffering" a little bit each and every day, but I've truly believe that joy has no meaning if it's overflowing. I spent the better part of my life giving into every indulgence that I could get my hands on and it left me feeling like hell, looking like hell, and not truly appreciating the indulgences themselves. They're too easy to come by nowadays. I can get a whole pizza for 5 dollars for fucks sake.

Life isn't as simple as A+B=C. You don't always get rewarded for hard work, you don't deserve treats every time you "lay down" and Santa clause and his naughty and nice list ain't real.

But I'm no monster. I believe in rainbows after storms, even if we have to manufacture them. Hard Work will always yield results, varied as they might be, and even the leathered farmer must uncrook his back, stand tall and observe the yielding of his crop.

Here are the times I make exceptions...

The Exceptions

You gotta use your best judgement for the birthdays scenario. Depends on how important that person is to you. Significant other? Absolutely. Brother? How close are you to that brother, how good does that cake look? Vanilla icing? Nasty. No, fuck it. Cookie cake? Pass me a plate. See what I mean?

For everything else, use either my cheat meal strategy or make the meal fit your flexible dieting (IIFYM) numbers. It's basically what I do and I have no trouble losing weight or maintaining my physique. 

Until Next Time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro

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