The Contrast

The Contrast
Lift Big, Sing Big, Look Great Doing It.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Drama, Drinking, and Your Gainz

These past few years I've spent a great deal of time "trimming the fat." And I mean that quite literally and figuratively.

Avoiding people and situations that breed drama are not only important for your progress, they are 100% necessary. 


Life is a series of choices, and although I'm not always a believer that every situation has a good and or bad choice, each will yield a result that may or may not be in line with your overarching goals.

If you want to lose body fat, gain hella amounts of muscle and live a fairly healthy lifestyle, you might need to say no to your friends who want to binge drink after work all the way through the weekend. 

I personally hate bars. I find them to more often than not to be pits of self hatred and disappointment and a colossal waste of money. And although I don't drink, I have no issues with alcohol. It's a pillar of our society. But if I told my future children that I met their mother while trolling bars for chicks...well, I'd use my story telling abilities and fabricate a much better one.

Staying up real late, consuming large amounts of booze and waking up hungover is obviously not in line with the goals of someone looking to make a life changing transformation. 


I tell my clients to chill with consistent binge drinking and life drama the same reason I tell them to chill at their job and get more sleep: Stress

Anything you do to add stress in your life will manifest in your training and progress. Not only will cortisol make you hoard all kinds of water, hiding all of that great progress you've been making under subcutaneous liquid, but the more stress you stack on, the closer you will be to "fuck it" mode.

Life is tough as is with family, job, bills, and the on going grind of the journey. You don't need the pithy manufactured "OMG, Becky, Sasha said you didn't look good in your lulu lemon yesterday." That's the talk of children and commoners, your dreams sit in the stratosphere amongst gods. Hold your time as precious as they grasp their golden apples and suddenly the nonsense talked about by fools will be the equivalent of robbery.

Save your money. Buy a fine source of libations, or a cheap one that delights you and spend your evenings with people in environments that will stimulate your spirit and thinking. Your gainz will thank you.

Until next time,

Lift Big, Sing Big, and Look Great Doing It.

The Opera Bro


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